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JUST WILLIAM: The Access Permit One

Hello all and welcome back! I hope this week’s column finds you as well as can be. In this day and age there’s always something extraordinary happening in current affairs, but this latest Brexit development is next level. For those who missed out:

A letter from cabinet minister Michael Gove warned that 7,000-trucks-long queues could clog up roads around the port of Dover and Channel Tunnel, so of course…. truck drivers will need a permit to enter Kent after the Brexit transition period ends.

That’s right.

A Kent. Access. Permit.

So, anyway, of course I was led to ask you…. what other parts of the UK would you seal off?

Fair to say you didn’t disappoint.

A strong start here from Betsy (Betsy @betsyspangles)….

Sarbjit Bakshi, of Smarkets (@Sarbjit_pol) took us right back to 2016:

Jake (@JakeCTW) wasn’t too far away either…

Kieran (@kjjjwilliams) had just one wish, but it would make for quite a big border….

There was a simpler suggestion from Takudzwa (@WUTM):

I enjoyed this topical contribution from Peter Dwyer (@bigpeterdee):

Lady Harriet (@_Harriet90) went even further than Gove did……

Ian (@afc42) thought me something new….

But I think this might be the winner though, from Daniel Puddicombe (@thatcargeek)

What areas of the UK would you seal off? Let me know via @KeejayOV2 or email – and thanks for reading!


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