JUST WILLIAM: The Moonshot One

Happy Saturday evening one and all! – I hope this finds you well and staying safe. A special column this week for you – Boris Johnson announced the government’s landmark Operation Moonshot programme, which aims to deliver up to ten million tests a day – covering nearly a sixth of the entire population – and return results within as little as 20 minutes.

This had me thinking… What’s the biggest Moonshot gamble you’ve ever taken?

Once again, you didn’t disappoint:

The faith shown in Bristol Rovers by Charles Maggs was an early leader…

This blast from the past was quite something – I think many people would rather Richard Allan’s version of history had occurred…

I’m pretty sure plenty can sympathise with Nick…

Friend of the Column Kev The Punter went cross-channel for his….

Our NFL Bettor here had a football memory of a different kind….

But the winner here surely has to be Patrick English, for this double handed gamble:

Patrick may have 130/1 on Dehenna Davison being PM, but we can give him one better – ` a £25 free bet with Star!

What’s the biggest moonshot gamble you’ve ever taken? Please send your answers into william@starsportsbet.co.uk – and stay safe!



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