AUTHOR: Lewis Williams

Kaan Previews The 2024 Greyhound Derby 3rd Round

Welcome to the #GreyhoundDerby2024. Former RPGTV Analyst and Star Sports On-Course Operator Kaan Hughes will be providing detailed analysis on each race throughout the Derby, continuing on Saturday with Round 3!


Heat 1 – 6.35pm


The Other Kobe T2 has been foot perfect since his return from retirement, and is unbeaten, three from three in the process. He sets the standard in the opener but will have to overcome hazards in the early stages with dogs looking to sandwich him on the run-up. He’s yet to absolutely catapult the lids but his sheer early has blown dogs away. He will need to get it right here. Clonbrien Treaty T6 kennel companion has been at the front end of the outright market for a while but has yet to stamp any authority on that position. This makeup could well lead to him bringing something to the party with those on his inside diving towards the fence. He was well beaten last week when holding every chance, but he’s still there! Singalong Dolly T3 will need to track clever here as she’d have rather been drawn on the fence with her lack of speed into the bend, but one thing we do know is that she will be finishing well, and last week she come from a long way back to finish a close second and that is what she will aim to do again. Whyaye Man T1 flew the lids last week but was beaten for early by a natural early paced dog, but he was tracking closely throughout until his late surge on the run-in where he got up in-front where it mattered most to many cheers from the crowd. Hawkfield Blue T4 followed home ‘The Other Kobe’ last week but this draw is not ideal, and he will have to take a flyer because Wrighty T5 who has a great turn of foot into the bend will be edging across on the run-up.

Pick: 2-6-3

Heat 2 – 6.51pm


Boylesports Bob T6 has shades of Jaytee Jet about him many have claimed, and you can see why with his ‘refuse to surrender’ attitude. He isn’t the flashiest of starters, but can come away ok, but not many finish stronger. Last week he came from a mile back to nearly pull off a remarkable victory but was denied in the photo. Staying wide here and out of trouble is all he needs to do as he is the fastest in the race. Ballymac Finn T1 has had a new lease of life and in what was a weaker heat last week took the opportunity with both hands with a good start and bold front running performance to dip under twenty-nine seconds. He has a lovely makeup, and a repeat of that start would see him in the shake-up. Faypoint Sean T4 has not had much to write home about but has yet to also secure a clear run. He is flanked by dogs looking to manoeuvre different ways. He can do it both ways but will want to clear those on the run-up to put himself in position A. Bramble Elvis T2 reseeded before the third-round draw was crying out to be in the middle and is now seeded rails and has drawn two. He has a big run in the locker, but was never going to have the early speed to show that from five or six, so could this just work wonders? Droopys Pivotel T3 is growing in stature all the time and looks destined to be a star stayer in time. He may not go with the flashy starters, but he will certainly be around at the close of play. Aero Convey T5 will be moving in from this box and cannot afford to give too much ground up against these early.

Pick: 6-1-4

Heat 3 – 7.10pm


Bockos Thunder T3 has been moving off at the corner from trap two, three will certainly aid that, and last week’s performance was one to remember after crowding at the bend, to stay on from so far back to get close to defending champion ‘Gaytime Nemo’ it was a brilliant effort. The badly drawn dogs on the inside of him in this heat and their lack of natural early speed gives him a great chance to lead the inside up. He will have to reel in the pace setters out wide you’d think, but this is a solid chance to land a round. Churchfield Syd T6 broke the four-second sectional barrier, and anything near that again will race him clear into the corner, he also went under twenty-nine seconds, but could be vulnerable late on here, but there is no better place to be than off the front. Coss Tokyo T4 a much wider draw than last week when drawn in red, but he will certainly stay with the pack. Holding every chance last week, he looked the winner a long way out, but beaten a short head, the name of the game is qualifying still at this stage. Bluejig Baron T1 probably wants to be further out. Has been showing pace down the back straight but nothing jazzy on the clock and could cause traffic problems to the corner for Havana Top Note T2, who naturally wouldn’t have the early speed of some and may just come together with one on the run up, but the stamina will kick in from halfway and will always give his best. Droopys Supply T5 has had some tough races of late, and they don’t get easier at this stage. An improvement all round is needed here with pace everywhere.

Pick: 3-6-4

Heat 4 – 7.29pm


Superfast Gorden T1 not only by name. A rapid victory last week when stopping the clock in twenty-eight-seventy-one. His previous run he had a target on his back and was reeled in but needed the run. A slight drop in weight last time out and a decent start saw him race clear and never look back, a wonderful performance in full fight and one to take very seriously. Never Say No T4, the sole runner in this year’s Derby for Seamus Cahill was a hard-working winner last week when reeling in longtime leader ‘Miracle’, and this dog can do it both ways. He will not want to leave anything in the boxes as although the dogs either side are not blessed with his early speed, they may just edge into his lane. A solid chance to qualify. Droopys Doughnut T6, as I referred to last week, ‘the enigma’ that is what he shall remain. A modest start last week but with a lot of speed late on saw him grab a qualifying spot, but this makeup plays to his chances with his immediate neighbour not having the early speed he can show and should give him a lovely run into the bend, but he must avoid doing anything silly. When they named him, they were not wrong, but he’s a dog you always get drawn in by. Jaytee Etienne T2, a shade disappointing last week, but beaten well by ‘Superfast Gorden’ and had no answers for him. That may be the case again if he doesn’t get first run as last week, he did leave himself a lot do and did well to qualify, you cannot make them mistakes at this stage. Savana Jackpot T3 didn’t just finish third last week, but was a dead-heat third so won the lot draw after racing and tactically re-seeded rails so had he not won the draw he’d have stood by as reserve as a railer with many more of those in the hat more chance to find himself replacing one, but that wasn’t needed and he now finds himself in heat four. Maybe the seed change will liven him up as he has been so pedestrian early you wonder where that sub twenty-nine second run came from a while back. He finished like a galloping horse and will just want to stay in toe to give himself a chance around the last two bends. Beattie Sparkle T5 has overcome the odds both times to qualify and will have to improve again, but you can’t say she doesn’t deserve her spot as she’s certainly taken a liking to Towcester, it must be the warm air.

Pick: 1-4-6

Heat 5 – 7.47pm


Antigua Hawk T5 has been sensational both starts in his years derby and has yet to take a flyer from the boxes, but his sheer early speed is superior to many. A lovely makeup here with runners inside heading to the fence should see him race into the corner in a commanding position again. He stopped the clock in twenty-eight-seventy-seven last week, so anything wanting to pick him up if he leads will have to be exceptional. Glengar Martha T6 could not have timed it more differently from the boxes to her opening round but she stays in the hat and ran very well late to get as close as she did. This race may work to her favour with kennel companion in five racing clear and her securing the outside to herself. Grouchos Duke T2 has sprinting pace to the second bend and should have a perfect chance with one of the slowest starters drawn inside him, but he will have to come on a bit more, which he did from the cramp in the first round, a big chance to qualify for the next round. Edwards T3 must start like he did in the opening round as he was nearly a length slower to the bend last week and that will not suffice here with so much speed to the bend. He does want to get the inside but may be best to keep that straighter line. Ballymac Gizmo T4 will be heading to the rails and although running well in behind ‘Antigua Hawk’ last week his lack of speed into the corner and from this draw may just be his undoing. McNeil T1, tucked away on the fence and did break better than usual last week, but he still lacks any early into the bend and will be last going into it, but none will be finishing faster and with quite a few early pacers, a spot late on may be there for the taking.

Pick: 5-6-2

Heat 6 – 8.05pm


Gaytime Nemo T3 the defending champion is two from two in this year’s events and his running style makes everything look so effortless, but he is very professional. A decent start is a must as those on his inside here may be causing traffic issues at the bend. De Lahdedah T4 was one of the performances of the last round where he missed his break, found trouble round the corner, and launched a serious turn of pace from halfway to reel in ‘Churchfield Syd’, this is the dog we saw in Ireland last year, could he go all the way here? Well first he needs to overcome this tricky draw in T4 but there is no doubting his class and speed. Crafty Shivoo T1 landed a few gambles last week and was ultra impressive from the middle, but she finds herself in red here and will be edging away from the fence on the run-up, but if she starts like last week then who is to say she won’t go on to break the track-record this week after going one spot outside of it last week. Miracle T5 has shown lovely pace into the bends in both starts but has been collared late on by stronger performers, it is imperative that he takes a flyer. You can certainly see him being a force at the likes of Oxford in a Pall Mall. King Combs T6 is proving one for many to be checking their wing mirrors late on to see where he is as not many finish faster and he is certainly hard to get out of the frame, but the class in this heat will certainly put a task on his hands. The one thing that does go in his favour is that he keeps wide enough to stay out of trouble. Scaglietti T2 is going to have to avoid hazards to the bend and then run the race of his life to get past some of these if of course he can’t take an absolute ping to clear these.

Pick: 3-4-1

Heat 7 – 8.22pm


Many would argue this wouldn’t look out of place to be the final. A simply sensational heat, and it’s only the third round. Swords Rex T2, will have to overcome the outright favourite drawn in red on his inside, but Rex has gone three from three since his come back and beat ‘King Memphis’ in a trial stake albeit drawn inside Memphis. That could be crucial here. It’s absolutely written in stone that no mistakes can be made early here if you want to be in the next round. A repeat of last week’s run for Rex would see him hold the ace card. King Memphis T1 is drawn red and it’s hard to pick faults any in what he’s achieved, he’s never finished out of the frame, but you must try and make cases for others and is T1 problematic for him? He was beaten by his sister from it around here back last year, he will want a flashy start, and nothing else. Ballinabola Ed T6, ‘The White Flash’ after a long time off the track showed up well in the first round and backed that up with a trap to line success last week and showed signs of the old boy we used to know. He could benefit being out wide as he steers a course that shouldn’t be affected whereas everything inside him will be fighting for position. Road Exile T5 stepped up in trip for this derby and has a lovely turn of foot into the bends but needs to improve on the clock late overall as he would be out battled if they all went round clear. He wasn’t struggling to see the trip out or third spot last week, but he must fly the lids. Newinn Syd T3 a tad disappointing in the first round was faultless last week off a slower start, somebody make it make sense! But he also needs to start fast as he would not have the times in the locker of some if they were off the last bend together with clear runs on recent evidence. Azurite T4 simply needs to find a lifetime best here and nothing less.

Pick: 2-1-6


Heat 8 – 8.40pm


Cooliogold T2 has been brilliant so far and has every chance to continue that run with a nice draw in the last heat of the night where his early speed should get him to the front on the inside. He has certainly not looked vulnerable in the latter stages. Druids All Go T3 has not had any easy tasks to date and has overcome them to qualify. A better start is needed but he has been clocking decent runs and not looked like going out. Ballymac Slick T5 will not be doing too much early, but not many will finish faster. Beaten by a phenomenal performance from ‘Crafty Shivoo’ last week he had an impossible task, but here he just needs to avoid traffic to challenge late. Burj Khalifa T6 loves this place but has yet to show the speed and spark of last year. He is still there and will steer a wide course which should keep him out of trouble, and that could just be a blessing. Unreal Bruiser T1 for the same connections has some flashy runs in the locker but is inconsistent and will need to put in one of the better runs to figure. Hawkfield Abbie T4 cannot turn up with anything less than her best.

Pick: 2-3-5



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