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Mansion Tax

Blog, sorry, are we living in communist Russia? The latest move from the jealous and under-achieving, is they’re saying that anyone who owns a £3million+ house should pay 1% a year tax on it? As usual, the drong picking on the easy targets; the few people who’ve actually managed to kick on a bit.

The achievers who own those houses have already paid tax on the earnings they bought them with. Possibly also making sacrifices in other areas of their lives, in order to afford the large mortgages, that homes like that would incur. Are we going to start putting a tax on The Staff’s self-indulgent sabaticals and marijuana roll-ups? That would come to a fortune!!

So, someone who pays tax on their earnings and buys a house, has to not only pay 1% a year, and then 40% inheritance tax, but also, in the event of them being taken into care by the state in old age, the cost of their care is deducted from the value of their house too. What’s the point? Why even bother trying to get a few quid together in life?!

It doesn’t stand to reason necessarily, that just because someone lives in a £3million house, they will definitely have lots of liquid money available. Some will be widows, who have inherited the family home from their husbands, that they had bought very cheaply many years before. 1% of £3million is £600 a week. There is no way an old person could afford that, but why should they have to sell their home? Oh yes, to subsidise yet more drong – how could I possibly forget?!

I’d like to know why someone who doesn’t want to take part can get a council house, pay a pepper-corn rent, and then after twenty years be offered the place at a price less than half it’s value. That house belongs to the residents in the borough or local council. I think it should be sold at it’s full price and everyone who’s subsidised it for so long be given a drink!

In other news:

‘Agent Y’ took me to The Royal China Club in Baker Street last night. Brothers and sisters in the house, check it out! This place is SUPERB!! I ate like a true Roman. The food from start to finish was the best Chinese I’ve had in my life…even beating my old favourite ‘Princess Garden’. Try the sweet and sour pork, simply the best I’ve eaten – and believe me, I’ve eaten a lot!!

Don’t forget to eat your greens, B x