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Interview: DAVID PIPE

MEETING DAVID PIPE: I was very pleased to be granted an interview with the master of Pond House Stables David Pipe. However as is often the case I was slightly nervous prior to our meeting but those butterflies soon scattered when I saw the welcome sign on the door!

Before the interview there was business to attend to so I accompanied David up to the 5f gallops to watch second lot work.

David named each horse to me as they passed and showed me the work sheet for the morning. I expressed surprise that each horse carried a different weight and that he knew each animal by sight, then with a twinkle and a smile he added ‘Of Course I could have made those names up!’

We then retired to his office to talk about training horses, bookmaking, betting, summer jumping and a whole lot more, some of which might surprise you.

However, as you will see the biggest surprise was reserved for me!

Spoiler alert, there are no tips included though I did fulfull one Twitter request and asked if he’s got one for the Champion Bumper. He just laughed and replied ‘Now wouldn’t that be nice!’

Thanks to David Pipe and all at Pond House for making me feel so welcome. All the latest information from the Pipe yard can be found here on their regularly updated official website.


skintmobSimon Nott is author of Skint Mob!: Tales from the Betting Ring