NEW: Industry Accounts with

Star Sports are delighted to announce the launch of Industry Accounts. The new betting accounts are designed for those who work in the betting industry who might experience difficulty in getting their bets taken elsewhere.

We will guarantee to lay your bets to win at least £500. No messing around, no restrictions or other general silliness. The only provisions being no arbs, just picking off the special offers or obvious ricks!

Once you have opened up your account online please contact us via trader chat, or 08000 521 321 to let us know you are ‘industry’ and we’ll talk you through next steps …

Ben Keith has more information:


  • We will ask which company you work for.
  • We guarantee to lay you any bet on a main market to win a minimum £500, after 10.15am on day of event (bets on events prior to 10.15am will be accepted)
  • We will not close accounts purely on P&L performance, however we may look to engage with ‘sharp accounts’ to enhance our own trading performance.
  • We are not interested in accounts that just look to arbitrage or “rick” hunt – these will be closed.
  • We reserve the right to remove the guarantee from an account at any stage, however we will fully explain the reason behind the decision.
  • All our usual betting rules, terms & conditions and privacy policy applies