SIMON NOTT: Affording Your Affordability

Any idea what your annual turnover is?

I’ve been reading and listening to the talk about affordability checks today. I had a guess how much turnover I’d had so far this year with my bets typically £10 to £20 a time. My guess went into four figures. Being anal about keeping meticulous records of my bets and due to the two click wonder of the auto-sum feature of Excel spreadsheets I was went one step further and got the actual figure.

* including today.

That is way above my annual gross salary, I’m guessing it’s probably below average turnover and the above the average salary for many a regular punter. How are the proposers of the affordability checks going to come up with a figure that we can afford to bet?

Some sort of clinical algorithm with a hellishly draconian bottom line? I fear the worst.
If any sort of affordability check is seriously going to be imposed on the betting public, then the racing industry really needs to sit bolt upright and take notice. Racing can’t afford to be sucked into an irreversible responsible betting vortex based on the worst-case scenario of a problem gambler addicted to on-line casinos.

If betting on racing to any sort of meaningful sum is in danger of being banned by the nanny state, and if we aren’t careful it will, then what? Will responsible punters get so disillusioned that leave the sport in their droves? I think they might, then there’s the sinister bit, the danger those potentially at risk will go somewhere much less savoury than regulated UK bookmakers to get the bets they can’t afford accommodated.

I hope I just worry too much.

Simon Nott

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