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SIMON NOTT BETTING BLOG: Greyhound Derby Quarter-Finals, Towcester Saturday

I had to dig out my point-to-point in miserable weather in February clobber today, writes SIMON NOTT.

When I arrived it was tipping down so much I made a little video and posted it on X (formerly known as Twitter), I thought it was quite good and captured the mood.

Imagine my chagrin when Lofty turned up in his flash car and personalised number plate and gave me a bollocking for ‘moaning’. I mean you have to take notice of the shop steward so cheered up immediately but the irony. In fact following his orders was easy, the sun came out so everyone cheered up, not just me.

Then things got even better Max the Shoes, purveyor of fine footwear told me he was giving me a pair of very nice black dress shoes. How about that? What a top man. He’s bringing them on finals night, I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve them but chuffed!

Max didn’t want to be in a photo today, but you’ve seen him in the last couple of blogs. The team tonight were unchanged from the heats, Kaan and Lofty were on the joint taking on the punters.

There were four races prior to the Quarter Finals. Stars own Ed Dark had a runner in the first but was no match for the odds-on and well backed this morning winner from Trap 1 which swooped very late to land the 11/10 to 4/7 gamble. The firm only lost a bottle on the light staking race on course, a correct £40 straight forecast did the damage, not straight bets on the winner.

There was also interest in the Plate outright betting, a punter came up and had a monkey on the ante-post favourite Queen Joni at 13/8, ‘Happy to lay it’ was Lofty’s response chest puffed out after the punter was out of earshot.

There was also good money about for the second race, the team laid £2000 – £400 Trap 4 and £3000 – £1000 Trap 5. I don’t think anyone expected that level of business but were grateful for it. As the dogs were going into the traps a punter bet £2000 – £800 Trap 3 which was followed by a £2 place Trap 5, you never know what to expect at Towcester. At the off Traps 3 and 5 were the bogies and finished in that order. £1356 was lost on the race, but the saving grace was it was about £200 better that Trap 5 back in second.

You know it’s not going that well when Kaan and Lofty burst into a duet of ‘Things can always get better’, and we were only two supporting races in. Let’s just say they won’t be giving East 17 the jitters on finals night. Things did get better turnover wise though, big bets aside business has been poor, a punter had £2200 – £1600 Trap 2, that’s in a race worth £250 to the winner. The betting went quiet again after that until dogs were going into the traps when a punter spun up some of his winnings and bet £1200 – £800 Trap 2, then right in the hole the dynamic duo laid a further £1500 – £1000 Trap 2 to a fellow bookie hedging his liabilities.

As the hare, started running the bogie was losing £5000 in the book which is a fair stance to have taken in a race like this one. This time fortune favoured the brave bookies not the intrepid punters. Trap 3 won the race and copped £4500, the bogie was a tailed off last after getting the worst of some first bend argy-bargy. Lofty allowed himself a smile and thankfully didn’t feel the urge to warble anymore.

There was very little going on in the five dog fourth until a punter had £4000 – £2000 Trap 2, humorously named Gary The Arb.

It wasn’t so funny when it got up on the line to win, just after Lester the pro-punter said it would never pick up. In one hand and out the other. Just as the bogie won Ben came down with his daughter Georgina, super shrewd dog punter Jerry Croxford and Goldie the greyhound in tow.

The buzz immediately upped a notch, photos were taken, videos recorded and bollockings given – I should have been doing the floor instead of writing this, but all that aside, it was great to have him back! It also transpired that today was Max the Shoes’ birthday, 68 today. Happy birthday Max.

7.10pm The Star Sports & TRC English Greyhound Derby Quarter-Final 1

The first Quarter-Final saw some decent bets but it wasn’t as frenetic as you might expect. Bets included £1200 – £1000 Trap 3 Crafty Shivoo, £1500 – £150 Grouchos Duke and £2000 – £400 the winner from Trap 6 Churchfeld Syd.

The book copped £200 but that wasn’t the full story.

The office had laid the winner to qualify £4875 at 6/5 which was bad but had also laid the eliminated Crafty Shivoo £66,000 – £1000 ante-post. The result 6-4-2.



7.29pm The Star Sports & TRC English Greyhound Derby Quarter-Final 2

The first bet in the second quarter final of any note was £2400 – £600 Trap 4 Ballymac Finn then £300 Trap 1 King Memphis at 4/9. Compared to the heats in previous weeks betting was less hectic, certainly not like it has been. Mind you, it was cold and windy competing with football. As the dogs approached the traps Kaan and Lofty, alone again after after Ben had headed to the box, were screaming ‘top of the head on’ 4/9 King Memphis when a punter marched in with a grand and had £8000 – £500 each-way Trap 3 Whyaye Man which made things interesting. Try as they might, despite being 2/5 everywhere else they couldn’t get a lump into the hod over the jolly at 4/9.

Though £180, £200, £90 all added up. Right in the hole a punter begged and got a £1000 – £2000, if you don’t ask you don’t get. Well, it couldn’t have gone much worse for the team now paying out in the rain. King Memphis won impressively from Trap 3 Whyaye Man. The book lost £2500. The result 1-3–2


7.47pm The Star Sports & TRC English Greyhound Derby Quarter-Final 3

The rain stopped a lot of betting play in the Third Quarter Final. One five dogs took part with Trap 4 vacant after the defection of Swords Rex. The Other Kobe running from Trap 3 opened 1/2 and attracted a bet of £150 – £300 from a sparse floor.

‘It’s more like winter’ observed Lofty, not moaning about the weather, he was right though. A bet of £1500 – £250 Trap 6 Droopys Doughnut prompted a nudge out to 4/7 the jolly. Between the bigger business there was a fair bit of interests on the forecasts as people in shorts nipped out from the warm bar to have a bet.

The chap that had £2000 – £3250 the jolly was wearing jeans, obviously a shrewdie and someone that takes no notice of useless weather apps! Not that shrewd backing dogs as it happened, it looked all over bar the shouting as the jolly led around the last bend only for Trap 5 Ballymac Slick found gears to flash past Trap 3 close home. Lofty allowed himself an Aye Aye, the book copped £4000. The result 5-3-1.

8.05pm The Star Sports & TRC English Greyhound Derby Quarter-Final 4

The Fourth Quarter Final saw bets of £2100 at 10/11, £400-£500 twice Trap 4 Lahdedah and £2000 – £800 Boylesports Bob running from Trap 6. The last bet in the book was £3000 – £600 Trap 1. At the off the favourite was losing £1685 with everything else winning.

Boylesports Bob won the race very impressively and copped £2186 in the book despite the decent bet early on. The result 6-3-4.

I’m at Royal Ascot next week – Lofty and Kaan will be here, I’m back for the final in a fortnight.

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