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SIMON NOTT blog: Everyone’s A Winner

It must be the bubble that I inhabit on social media, Twitter especially is often very negative in a lot of ways.

It’s not all bad though, if you aspire to bash the bookies and you use that platform, you’ll be in good company. According to a poll I ran, a whopping 39.9% of people who took part are overall winners. OK, only 5% of my followers voted, but for those of us that can’t make it pay, knowing that many win makes us feel even worse doesn’t it?

Where do we go wrong?

I can’t really understand it, where does all that money that Denise Coates famously pays tax on come from? I’ve been to Victor Chandler’s ranch, Ben Keith’s gaff isn’t a bedsit, Julian Head owns racehorses and Fitzdares have clubs that are very posh indeed at the top meetings.

So, who loses all that money to keep the bookies living in fabulously wealthy ways and of course fund a lot of racing? Someone did suggest that I added a ‘break even’ option to the simple ‘Yes’ – ‘No’ option, in hindsight I’m guessing that would have been a short price to win. I’m not one to cast doubt on the honesty of the people that are kind enough to follow me on Twitter, but I was assuming as it was anonymous, losers would own up, and to be fair 60.1% of people did admit they lost.

Given the poll results, I wonder how many of the people that win actually keep records of their bets. How many that clicked the ‘Win’ button could tell you how far in the front they are on the year. Is a year and good benchmark? Is recent form best in winner finding, when is a good run actually just a purple patch? I’m guessing not many do write all their bets down. As a youngster wanting to emulate Barney Curley, I used to start writing all my bets in exercise books. My loft is probably still littered with the very same books, minus the first few pages which didn’t make good reading. Denial is the best defence for losing punters, at least it was for me.

Mind you, punters have never had it so good as far as help to win goes. Look at all that information at their fingertips, people like Johnny Dineen writing in the post, big priced winner finder Tony Calvin writing blogs and podcasting, Andrew Mount and Daryl Carter smashing it with free tips on GG and sites like Smart Betting Club even there to filter the wheat from the chaff. Oh, and it wouldn’t really be cricket to not add a bit of shameless promotion to add that all those mentioned in the last paragraph have been featured or are forthcoming on the Star Sports #BettingPeople series.

Johnny Dineen’s is one to look forward to, he debunks the idea that bookmakers should have every favourite losing. He also talks about the value of inside information and isn’t on the side of other pro-punters who advise ignoring it. Tony Calvin on the other hand independently disagrees with pretty much all of what Johnny says, it’s a great game of opinions isn’t it?

It’s often a topic amongst punters who like to scream ‘Can’t get a bet on’ at every opportunity what they’d do for a virgin Bet365 account. Now that desirability might have waned a bit now that it appears you can do bird for having too many of them. It still seems like they are the path to riches given what some pertain they’d do to obtain one.

Back to Smart Betting Club, they hold an award every year, including best major bookmaker. The three firms that the trumpet blowing orchestra love to howl derision at finished in the first three places, with Bet365 top. Now, hold on a minute, 39.9% of punters win and can’t get a bet on with anyone they are so shrewd, but the winner of a poll for best bookie by users of the Smart Betting Club voted Bet365.

Of course, that could mean that all those winning punters with their girlfriends and mum’s still holding accounts are still big fans or that there’s a whole swathe of punters in denial of their own success. Excel or indeed an exercise book from the newsagents is the serious punter’s friend, but just remembering the last few winners and sitting in a warm winning glow is better than facing the harsh reality of a red number on the spreadsheet and betting is supposed to be fun so who’s to argue it’s not a good tactic in what is a very personal hobby or pastime.

Oh, I’d also like to mention, as the partial theme is shameless self-promotion, that I was very chuffed indeed to be placed third in one of those SBC polls. Many thanks to anyone who voted for me.


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