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SIMON NOTT BLOG: Royal Ascot Friday

SIMON NOTT reports from the betting ring at Royal Ascot on Friday.

Ben takes counsel from Big Mac on the fourth day of Royal Ascot with two hot-pots on the card Caravaggio and Winter …

Royal Ascot Day 4

People must think that Star Sports on-course staff live the life of Riley getting paid to go to top quality racing and take bets from the great and the good. Well that’s true we are very lucky. That’s not to say we don’t suffer for the firm too. Take poor Dave Seeley for example. After standing six hours on the joint in brand new shoes under the blazing sun his feet looked like this. Look away now if you are eating!

The make of his shoes? Jeff Banks, I’m saying nothing….

The on-course staff, Dave far left (in softer shoes)

Albany Stakes

There was steady betting in the opening race. We laid £15,000 – £6,000 Alpha Centauri which meant it was the only loser and the rest decent winners. 22/1 shot Different League beating the bogey was an excellent start to the day. Judging by the celebrations on the Neville Porter joint behind they’d had it right off.

King Edward VII Stakes

Betting was steady, lots of £200 bets but no real chunks at the off we had favourite Crystal Ocean losing the thick end of £13,000/ Of course we were praying for another result, not least the feared length of the payout queue should the jolly win.

Salutations to deities answered we got him beaten with 6/1 Permian a good winner.

Commonwealth Cup

Ben was screaming evens trying to get Caravaggio into the bag. He got him alright but not until the price had gone £100,000 – £110,000 laid. It was all academic in the end, the jolly won and we lost £100,000. Nasty.

Coronation Stakes

They waited and they waited until the horses were going into the stalls then waded in with £100,000 – £200,000. The rest is history Ben got the Winter blues especially when the office called to say they’d laid a further £140,000 at the price. Black Friday.

Queen’s Vase

Today was always going to be about the two short ones and they both obliged resulting in the punters giving us a good spanking, wiping out a very large chunk of yesterday’s winnings. With two competitive races left there was no chance of getting out on the day so just tapped away.

Try as you might you can’t do much when business drops so poorly as it did for this race and the punters just toss shrapnel at you.

Stradivarius was a small loser in a fiddly book.

Duke Of Edinburgh Stakes

The lucky last was a busy betting heat, as usual in these sorts of races the punters made the book as we just kept it tidy. Or at least we tried to, a punter came in very late with a £90,000 – £20,000 each way Sixties Groove. We were highly delighted to see him flash home, fifth. We finished a financially traumatic day on the front foot. Bring on Saturday.

Lofty’s wrap of the day …

skintmobSimon Nott is author of Skint Mob!: Tales from the Betting Ring