SIMON NOTT: Down Under Pressure

It’s a real privilege to be able to conduct #BettingPeople interviews. In the three years or so since the series started I’ve had the pleasure or talking to professional gamblers, leaders of industry, jockeys, trainers, artists, photographers, bookmakers on course and off, simply amazing people and even Royalty. There has been something to gain from each one, inspiration and admiration, education and of course entertainment.

Of all the categories it appears that most of us love to learn from the professional gamblers, an elite group looked up to in awe by the majority of us punting mortals. They give us their wisdom on the way they make the game pay, be it on form study, speed figures, dealing with losing runs and the like. Of course, they always leave that small but pivotal ingredient out, after all they have a living to make and don’t want the rest of us eroding their edge. Even though we’ve learnt something new, it’s always the sort of thing we expected to learn.

Every once in a while, someone comes out with a comment that takes you totally by surprise. It happened in an interview with Australian professional punter Mark Rhoden. When asked about how the game has changed over the last few years, I was expecting to hear how the betting exchanges have ruined life for bookmakers and punters alike etc. But no, what’s made life extremely tough for professional punters in Australia is the obliteration of Aussie bookmaking culture.

By whom I hear you cry? Corporate UK and Irish firms going over there hoovering up their established businesses then not taking a bet that’s who. Mark makes little effort to hide the distaste as he tells how traditional Aussie honour vanished.

I’m guessing there are plenty of UK based interviewees that wish it had been the other way around!

Full interview, coming soon …….

Simon Nott

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