SIMON NOTT: Flip That Coin

It may not be eureka news, but there appear to be journalists out there that have forged some sort of career attacking the gambling industry. Relentlessly churning out article after article on regurgitated themes for publication on-line and in print. These are often written under the guise of business but are stories which seem to be brazenly subjective.

It’s a frustration that for my own sanity I try to ignore on social media. A comment with an opposing view given is no doubt arrogant dismissal or simply ignored. The latter’s probably better, after all, whoever comes out looking good in a Twitter spat?

The bias is hardly surprising given the marginal leanings of publication that employs the person who has been most prolific of late. He would be preaching to the converted. It has a racing presence, though often appearing passive aggressive ready to jump on any negative story regarding bookmakers or the betting industry too.

Given it’s a marginal title, hanging in there on the high street, what’s there to worry about? The gambling industry is an easy target for those wishing to make a racket to further their careers, be they politicians or writers with an axe to grind. That’s why. The reluctance of the ill-informed and biased with an agenda to interact civilly doesn’t make the other side of the coin easy to flip.

Well-informed, balanced, objective features answering those demonising of the industry won’t grab the same attention, but they still need to be written. Sadly, they appear to be as thin on the ground as well-informed, balanced, objective features by those that relentlessly attack.

Simon Nott

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