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SIMON NOTT: Glorious Goodwood Day Two

SIMON NOTT: Reports from the Star Sports pitches at Glorious Goodwood on day two. The Duel On The Downs became The Solo On The Downs (on paper) and there were more kagools on course than Panamas.

Glorious Goodwood Day 2

We shouldn’t really complain about being rained on in the front row at Glorious Goodwood because 100 years ago we’d have been in the trenches at Passchendaele but in these safer days it’s safe to say the weather was nasty.


After a 6/1 WINNER on day one, could our PR maestro Luke Tarr deliver another winner on BBC Radio Sussex this morning:


The opening Matchbook Exchange Goodwood Handicap Stakes was a great spectacle with a flip start in front of the stands but as a betting heat it was a washout. Field money was very poor then the bogie which lost, more than we took in total, 25/1 shot Cool Sky won the race and should have been a good result. So to say we had a bad start is an understatement. ‘Wet notes taken wet notes paid’ the call even after the first.

The Better Odds With Matchbook Betting Exchange Handicap Stakes was a hard 5/1 the field race, add to that the consistent rain and what we had was a recipe for another dreadful, nae pitiful, betting heat.

The 9/1 winner Londinium took the book which wasn’t much reward for working in the rain. The saving grace was the rain was warm!

During betting for the Bombay Sapphire Molecomb Stakes Kyle came over to the pitch to tell us the first result of the day – ‘Lofty hasn’t been moaning despite the fact the bookmakers are stood like Hereford fans at an away match’. It was little better on the rail, there were a few punters braving the rain to have a bet, but not many. The upside being we ought to be able to keep hold of what we won yesterday, if you can’t take it you can’t lose it.

Havana Grey winning at 7/2 was a small winner in the book so a result of sorts.

Why wasn’t was Churchill withdrawn from the Qatar Sussex Stakes BEFORE we started betting on it !! It took what would have been the only shine of the day away from us. Such a shame.

Then out of the blue, or should I say gloom, a punter came in with £5,000 in dry readies and had it on Ribchester at 1/2.

Things appeared to brighten up a whole lot when Here Comes When won the race at 20/1, cheers rang out from the sodden line as the day’s wages seemed assured and a day in the rain was suddenly worth while.

The rain was being whipped up by the wind doing its best to dampen inflated spirits as we got to work on the Markel Insurance Maiden Fillies’ Stakes. The punters that did brave the rain certainly weren’t sticking their necks out far from under their umbrellas. You could hardly blame them.

At the off we’d taken less than a grand in total and had two losers for more than we had taken. 12/1 Threading would usually have been a great result but was a just winner for the price of a decent meal at one of Ben’s favourite eateries. Talking of whom, Ben had long since pulled rank and make an exit to somewhere warm and dry.

The racecourse were quite public spiritedly warning people that they might experience problems leaving the car parks. That didn’t auger well for us with three races to go. The next of which was the EBF Breeders Series Fillies Handicap Stakes.

There were seven non-runners in the race and very little interest from the punters in conditions that made even taking a bet very difficult.

At the off we’d once again taken less than a grand but did get to keep a monkey of it when Billesdon Bess won the race at 7/1.

With the Qatar International Stakes Arabian race wedged into the card at 5.20 punters were leaving the racecourse in Biblical proportions.

We did manage to lay three monkeys Nafees to a shrewdie off the floor so were highly delighted to see Tayf win the race virtually unbacked with us.

I don’t think anyone working in the ring would deny that they were delighted to see the concluding Cantor Fitzgerald Handicap Stakes roll around. The field had been reduced by eight and the crowd by a lot more than that but some stalwarts made it down to the ring to bet with us.

But not many, £700 worth of bets with three losers which included the 6/1 winner Truth Or Dare the worst in the book a £200 bet right in the hole. A bad end to the day but at least it was the end. Just to negotiate the car park and get dry before Ben treating us all to a curry.

skintmobSimon Nott is author of Skint Mob!: Tales from the Betting Ring