27 June, 2021

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SIMON NOTT: Greyhound Derby 1/4 Finals Saturday BETTING REPORT

The evening started with three graded races. Star with Lofty at the helm managed to cop on all three. Kaan his right hand man said it was a rather rare occurrence, which took the wind out of Lofty’s sails, just a bit, and nobody wants that!

Lofty’s thoughts ahead of the Saturday action:

Prior to the Derby Plate heats a punter came in for a grand each-way at 12/1 ante post on Unlock Unlock in the Greyhound Derby. She was running in the five dog heat tonight so had a good chance of progressing according to Lofty.

The first heat of the plate also went the way of Lofty, there had been good money for Trap 1 Diamond Lisa, including a bet of £1200 – £400 so getting her beaten got the money despite winner from T2 Bombardier being a well fancied 9/4 chance.

There was very little of interest from the punters for the second plate heat. That gave us chance to say hello to former #BettingPeople interviewee punter and bookie Mark Hill who appeared to be in watching not punting mode tonight.

The third heat of the plate saw punters perk up again with a flurry of money for T6 Glengar Bale backed from 6/4 including a carpet at the price.

Lofty and Kaan got that one beaten too, the one they bet was no match for T2 Angry Dad who was relatively unbacked. Evidently only happy dads in attendance tonight.

Meeting Bunny Racing:

There was minimal interest from the punters for the fourth plate heat. Apart that is from Lofty who bet Trap 3 Fatboyz Fury. I’m not suggesting it was a topical bet for our hero because he took beating just one home well. The book copped nicely though despite Lofty doing his dough. Trap 2 Angry Tornado won at a friendless 8/1.


Things stepped up a gear for the quarter finals. A punter waded in with a £2000 – £3000 Trap 3 – the defending champ – Deerjet Sydney. Just in time for Ben to step onto the pitch after dining with legendary pro dog punter Jerry Croxford.

The very next bet was a pound the same dog. Accepted with a smile just as a punter came in over the lady’s shoulder with a monkey the jolly. It was all adding up nicely. Some of the other books appeared not to have got the favourite in the book calling 8/11 at the death.

They’d soon be counting their blessings they hadn’t. The favourite buzzed in.

A quick check down the line later and I was reminded not to play poker with bookies. Bets of £300, £500 and £1000 were struck the winner down the line. GC on the end copping for the grand bet. You’d never had known any of them had lost.

Judging on the evidence of the win the reigning champion is going to hard to beat.


Next up, a five dog quarter final heat which featured the subject of the earlier £12,000 – £1000 each-way ante post bet Unlock Unlock running from Trap 6 opening 9/4 second in. Trap 3 Bockos Belly was the early 7/4 favourite.

It was a very good betting race. Star laid a monkey each way Trap 1 and plenty for the front two in the betting. The results will record that Trap 4 won the race at 7/1. Dave Clark of the Racing Post tipped it up in the paper. He was quite rightly chuffed with the win. ‘Hey look he’s out swaggered me!’ Jerry Croxford observed.

Getting Unlock Unlock out of the first three and Trap 1 Newinn Session chinned on the line for second all added up to a cracking result for the book.


The third of the four quarter finals was priced competitively at 11/4 the field. By this race people that hadn’t been to Towcester before started to realise that even if the sun’s out when you arrive you shouldn’t wear shorts. A £3000 – £1000 Trap 6 Thorn Falcon warmed the team up on the pitch though. When it won Ben was more worried about telling me that the ‘Union Man’ Lofty hadn’t been giving out the firm’s ‘Chinese Menus’ which advertise what services Star has to offer. ‘Pfft Union Staff!’ was his response as the black and white flashed crossed the line in front and cost him £3000!

Daniel of Bunny Racing fared even worse laying a £3500 – £1000 but luckily didn’t have any staff to annoy him.


The last heat saw the biggest single bet of the night £7000 – £4000 T4 Knocknaboul Syd. Bit between his teeth Ben told me that it just showed that if you lay a bet you’ll always find a punter.

The bogie Trap 4 flew the traps and was out and gone winning as it liked. Whilst the winner’s speed was to be admired it was nothing compared to the velocity Ben left the course at!

That left Lofty for the final word ……

We’re all back next week for the semi finals.


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