12 July, 2021

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SIMON NOTT: Greyhound Derby Final – Betting Report

Towcester was heaving. People in shorts and in dinner jackets and all styles of clobber in between. What a buzz around the place. An estimated 3,000 people packed into the old racecourse stand, boxes and hospitality but for the greyhounds not steeplechasers.

First thanks to Charlie who reads these blogs and kindly gave me his racecard after my schoolboy error of neglecting to bag one. Thanks Charlie.

Ben and right-hand man Gary manned the premier of the three Star Sports pitches with Lofty and Kaan at the engine room tapping down the bets.

Lofty summed up his thoughts ahead of the night ….

They were plentiful too, the first couple of supporting races already lively with punters having decent bets on, £100’s £50’s and even monkeys swinging into the joint where Ben was hollering ‘Let’s get gambling!’ And why not, that’s what most people appeared to be here for, a good old fashioned night’s betting.

The first grand bet of the night was a grand at 7/4 Trap 4 Savana Domino in the third race The stakes. That stayed in the hod behind 6/1 winner Trap 6 Getwiththetimes.

That was doubled in the Download The Star Sports Now Stakes with a two grand bet Trap 4 Coom Leo at 5/4.

The other two bookies in Ben’s line went tips. He stayed resolute at wrist and laid another £2500-£2000 with a multitude of other bets at 5/4. It’s OK lads you’re on, including another £2000 at 5/4. They knew. Trap 4 Coom Leo 1st, the rest nowhere.

Recent #BettingPeople interviewee Rich Hassall came to the joint but wasn’t having it on but a night out.

The bag took a hit but the betting rolled on.

Lofty laid three monkeys in the pub last night Trap 6 Luna Rocket. She went on off at 13/8 but luckily for Lofty could only manage second behind 7/1 result Trap 4 Droopys Aoife.

Pro-punters Paul, Rich and Jerry ….

Things eased off a bit for the Jeal Ladies Stakes which was won by Angry Dad from Trap 2 winning a few quid. The quiet race gave the shrewdies a chance for a catch up. Racing Blogger turned up at the joint too. It was all going on.

King Louis from Trap 6 was opened at even money but was knocked out to 5/4 due to a relative lack of interest. But then the punters came in with monkeys and grands. At the last bend the jolly was coming with what looked like a wet sail but was ultimately unable to get past Trap 5 Pocket Lola the steady 9/4 second-in. It was still a good result for the book having worked hard to get the jolly in.

This is the face of a man who is desperate to go 15/8 Trap 2 Swift Cope in the RPGTV Derby Plate Final, why? Because it was 2/1. Anyone who has been where Ben is betting, he has a penchant for screaming ‘Tootie Fruity’ referring to the price 2/1. A bottle in racing parley. To Lofty it’s a bit annoying. Bubbly Bollinger won the race from Trap 4 which was a winner in the book and not annoying at all.

The 1st Containers Dorando Marathon Final looked a match. They bet accordingly 5/4 Trap 5 Savana Volcano and 4/5 Trap 6 Aayamaza Royale 16/1 bar these.

The punter that had a bet of £4000 – £5000 the jolly had weighed it up and also set Lofty a target to bet up to.

Trap 5 Savana Volcano was the one of the two the firm wanted and fended off the jolly to get the money.


Betting on the Greyhound Derby Final got underway to the sound of ‘Football’s Coming Home’ from the stands following on from a rousing rendition of ‘Sweet Caroline’, it was here. The final.

Trap 6 Thorn Falcon storming home was an OK result for the book according to Lofty. A winner in the ante-post book and in the live book too. It was a popular local winner trained by Patrick Janssens here at Towcester flying home, at home, to a huge roar. I was hauled onto the joint to take bets and pay out as Ben went to present trophies to the delighted connections. That was a bit of a treat and few years since I’ve done that.

What a great night. I’m on the stool giving it the big-un as a bookie so the blog ends here. What an excellent end to the night and this year’s Greyhound Derby.


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