5 July, 2021

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SIMON NOTT: Greyhound Derby Semi-Finals Betting Report

When I left Devon my phone had just told me that rain Armageddon awaited at Towcester this afternoon. Well what can I say, don’t believe everything you read on your phone weather app! The drenching I was going to get influenced my clobber. Scruffy, you don’t want to ruin your best suit do you. Anyway, motorways negotiated I arrived at a Towcester drenched in sunshine. While I was sitting behind a flotilla of caravans, some ironically bearing the moniker ‘Swift’ Ben took the time to record this video of his thoughts ahead of the night’s action.

And Lofty’s thoughts from the joint ….

In contrast to me, when Ben arrived on course full of it, he immediately started lighthearted laying into poor Lofty then accosted Daniel from Bunny Racing to record this video about ‘staff’! The night was shaping up nicely.

The Semis clashing with the England match didn’t appear to have put off the punters. Those that wanted to watch the match were catered for with TVs in the bar.

Betting on the first few races were described by Lofty as ‘steady if not spectacular’, there were some three-figure bets but the joints couldn’t be described as rocking.

I watched the fifth race with Dr Simon of the Fergal O’Brien yard. The team are well known for their love of dog racing too. The last time I had the pleasure of a chat with him was at the Cheltenham Festival in 2020. Let’s hope our meetings have bookended what happened in between.

Ben was keen for Lofty to bet without as well straight in races where it suits. Race 6 was just that sort of race. The jolly Savana Volcano was 2/5 so our hero priced up without. He couldn’t lay the favourite straight but got the favourite without in the book. Needless to say it won, cobblers were done, at least they would have been if the solitary punter had more than an even score on!

The football started and a few of the crowd vanished. The ever resourceful Star staff Lofty and Kaan managed to find a feed on their phones. The roar that went up in the bowels of the stand was a bit confusing, they’d only just kicked off on Lofty’s phone!

The next marathon boasted an ever shorter jolly, nobody backed it and it bolted up. Lofty priced up the without market again and this top copped a round of drinks. Talking of which pro-punting legend Jerry Croxford and maestro Ben Keith shouted down from the lofty heights of their box. Funnily enough it was to Lofty congratulating him on the dual market which as you can see by the photo bolstered Lofty’s ego no end!

Next up was the first of the Plate semi-finals and it came alive. A punter came in for an even £1000 and £2000 – £2500 Trap 5 Glengar Bale. Straining to watch the race through the streaming sunshine it soon became apparent that the punters would be leaving it behind. Trap 1 7/2 chance Angry Tornado won the race from Trap 3 Fatboyz Storm.

The next race didn’t see anything like the volume of business. Trap 4 Shelone Milo winning at 7/1 was a right result, but there was relatively little in the hod to win.

Ben and Jerry, hey there’s an ideal name for a business franchise, came down to the joint for the second semi-final. As you can see there was no dress code in the box.


Ben got up on the joint for the first Greyhound Derby Semi-Final just in time for a punter to wade in with a £2500 – £3000 the jolly Deerjet Sydney, a roar went up, England had scored just as the other bookies went evens.

Trap 4 Ballymac Fairone beat Trap 2 Ballymac Wild with the favourite back in third so still qualified just as England got their third. Aye Aye Aye!

Jerry Croxford was with a mate who is in his phone as ‘Never Answer’ due to his fondness of chat. He seemed a nice chap to me, which of course Jerry confirmed. However he said that the name was not so helpful when he left his phone in a betting shop one day and asked his mate to call and claim it. When they got back to the shop the manager had it but said everyone had heeded the warning and were reluctant to answer.


The first bet taken in the second semi-final was £250 each-way on Trap 5 Gaytime Milo at 12/1. Trap 4 Knocknaboul Syd was installed a tentative even money favourite.

An even £5000 bet was struck as the cheers were still ringing out for England’s fourth goal. The scoreline must have even surprised the person in a house across the road, they’d been firing rockets after each goal but appeared to have run out of ammo!

Ben also laid £1200 – £300 Trap 2 Bockos Belly to trade as they set off. Very few people backed the 8/1 winner Newinn Session. Even better for the ante post book was the jolly only managing fourth with T3 Kilara Lion second and Trap 6 Thorn Falcon third.

Lofty wrapped up the evening ….

There’s a huge crowd expected next week. We’ll be back.


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