SIMON NOTT: Here’s a Tip. Don’t.

A full-time horseracing print journalist is becoming a rare beast. That a given, it’s surprising and encouraging in equal measure that so many enthusiastic young people are emerging to take up those ever-diminishing batons. The Racing Post has been very supportive giving the lucky few a dream leg-up in their chosen careers. Many of the number that haven’t made the frame in that particular heat have taken to social media and blogs to showcase their talents.

What I can’t understand is why these talented people decide to set themselves up for a fall as tipsters.

I wish they wouldn’t do it. Just picking your own winners and keeping in front is going to be a hard-enough task. Not wishing to take the wind out of anyone’s sails, just because you have had a purple patch it doesn’t mean you have the game by the bollocks. Yes, I’m sure that there are some great judges out there that have only been old enough to bet for a few years. Do yourselves a favour though and keep your bets to yourself, satisfied to be quietly profiting from them if you are indeed that good.

Please don’t put your tips on-line.

As soon as you start posting your selections, you are multiplying the pressure massively. Simply from an ethical point of view. I’ll humbly suggest that you still haven’t given yourself a long enough time to know if you’ll win in the long run. Some people are going to back what you post, you have no idea who they are, their circumstances or if they gamble responsibly. If they do their money following your tips, even if you’ve put up some winners previously, Hell hath no fury like a losing punter.

Social media is a wonderful platform to get noticed. It’s also a nasty, often downright hostile place too. If there was ever an environment to extinguish a love of a sport and snuff out a talent that once burned bright, social media tipping is it.

Please don’t do it, racing needs you to stay in the game, your enthusiasm intact.

Simon Nott

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