GLORIOUS GOODWOOD SATURDAY: SIMON NOTT reports from the Star Sports pitch in the betting ring at Glorious Goodwood on Saturday. There was still work to be done for the firm after the first four days on Sussex Downs. There was always the 27 runner Stewards’ Cup. Surely there was hope of a result there? Read on.

It’s been a fun week but the firm were still losing going into the last day. A good week for us staff is all very well but the idea is to win, a hard ask with just seven races to go but ‘Inlike’ Flynn was determined to give it a go, despite still being ‘sans socks’.

A bookmaker and vocal advocate of on-course bookies betting a quarter the odds a place in 16-21 runner handicaps called me over prior to racing to relate a story via a Silver Ring bookie. The tale went something like this, swear words replaced with less crude lingo; his workman queued for a portion of fish and chips, the guy in front got his then was flabbergasted when asked for £11.50 and protested, ‘It’s the second time I’ve been ‘rogered’ today, I’ve already paid £7 for a pint and now this.’ The workman piped up ‘If you want to get the ‘fornication’ treble up go to Tattersalls and they’ll do you royally and lay you 1/5 a place in a 16 runner handicap!’

Come racing for big prices and great stories.

1:50 Qatar Stewards’ Sprint Handicap

The opening race was a tricky one for the punters but they bet like they meant it. Both Tatts and Rails pitches were rocking as salvos of fivers and tenners kept the clerks and callers tapping away furiously.

There were plenty of losers sticking but 20/1 winner Poyle Vinnie wasn’t one of them. Both books copped a nice few quid, happy days, going home after a winning week was on the cards rather than us getting them.

2:25 Qatar Summer Handicap

The next race was even busier plenty of hundred and two hundred pounds bets among the smaller wagers. Once again both teams were busy, at the off King’s Advice was the absolute bogie of the three losers.

Well it looked about to be swamped on a couple of occasions but King’s Advice is one hell of a battler. Cobblers were done as it toughed it out all the way to the line, losing all the winnings from the previous race and some. To make matters worse there wasn’t a bet bigger than £200 on the winner so the line of happy punters waiting to be paid out looked to be half way up Trundle Hill. OK that’s an exaggeration but it was long. What isn’t an exaggeration is that ‘Inlike’ Flynn said ‘That’s Beat’ at around the furlong. When will they ever learn?!

3:00 Qatar Lillie Langtry Stakes (Group 2)

The good business rolled on to the next race. Punters no doubt buoyed by the previous winning favourite seemed keen to play their money up in the next. There were only 7 runners but a very competitive heat. At one point they bet 7/2 co-favourites of four. Just before the off Inlike laid a monkey on Enbihaar which made it the absolute bogie.

TAXI !!! 🚕 The bogie first the rest nowhere. Then the make it worse some ladies asked if I was Flynn’s dad (sure it wasn’t grandfather?, editor). After a promising start it was shaping up to be the nail in the coffin of the day.

3:40 Unibet Stewards’ Cup (Heritage Handicap)

We certainly weren’t going to get much back on the Stewards’ Cup but the race had the potential to cost the firm plenty more.

From Goodwood to Badwood to Evenworsewood. Of all the runners it was the jolly Khaadem that flashed clear to win having been backed from 5/1 into 4/1 favourite. The race was an absolute disaster, least you’d have thought so but once the dust had settled and places taken into account the book won a bottle. NotasbadasitcouldhavebeenWood.

4:15 Qatar EBF Stallions Maiden Stakes

All realistic hopes of getting out and in front on the week on course had gone West with the last winner. The hope now was to get as much back starting with the race before the penultimate.

The punters were still coming in, after all their pockets were full. The book, which was one they made for us as it came in, was a messy one. King of Athens was well-back but disappointed. Persuasion winning at 16/1 was just what the Dr ordered to lift spirits for the last brace of Glorious Goodwood races 2019.

Kieran Goddard from Pompey came up to say hello, he wanted a mention in the blog. Here you go Kieran!

I wandered down the Tatts line to see Lofty and Co on the pitch down there. Lofty had asked for a transfer down there today, it didn’t appear to have cheered him up much.

Further down the row the lovely Hazell firm were much happier though as I asked for a photo Dave laid a £4000 – £1000 so left them sharpish so they could try and bet up to it.

4:50 Qatar Handicap

Meanwhile back on the rails Inlike and team were still fielding plenty of money.

Nothing seriously shortened, at the off 11/4 shot Marhaba Milliar was the worst in the book. We got that one beaten, the trouble was 9/2 winner Land Of Legends was the only other loser for a monkey. The fat lady was now in full flow and the best we could hope for was enduring she didn’t get to warble an encore.

5:25 Qatar Apprentice Handicap

Ellie and Ryan on the joint and Inlike on the computer were still keen but the punters appeared to be flagging at first but they eventually came in for one last pop at the books. Talking of pop, some racegoers had apparently overindulged. A punter a little worse for wear was walking along the rail asking bookmakers for their unpaid bets printout as he’d lost his ticket and couldn’t remember where he’d had his bet. He was pointed to the Betting Ring Manager’s in which general direction he appeared to waddle.

At the off the book boasted five losers. Big priced In The Red the worst with Gifts of Gold and Storting close behind all losing over a grand.

The jolly winning just about summed up the week. Goodwood is Glorious to be at but #VeryBadWood for bookies. Still I’m sure we’ll be back next year. That’s all folks.

Simon Nott

skintmobSimon Nott is author of:
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