SIMON NOTT: Tipping is discretionary

In the course of my #BettingPeople interviews, one thing that crops up a lot from people that are successful is that you need to keep a level head. Bookmakers have punter’s temperament in their favour, even the professionals go tilt sometimes, that when the shrewd layers get stuck in. Over to you Rob Waterhouse …

The other is the sheer amount of hard work that a professional punter will put into finding their winners. Let’s face it, the thing that attracted most of us to gambling in the first place is the lure of money for nothing. I know it did me. I’m still a lazy punter, I follow a few people in and do no form study at all. What I do that is ‘professional’ is stay very disciplined as far as staking goes and keep a spread sheet of every bet and its ‘information’ source.

I have been a following a tipster for about 12 months, they post their bets on twitter and if you sign up for free they will ‘Telegram’ them to you. I know from my figures that they have been very successful. All they ever asked for, very subtly, was for donations to their chosen charities. Just recently they announced that they’d be starting a new ‘Club’ where for around 50p a day, paid upfront, you’d get the bets early. The howls that went up from punters, that despite the fact the bets would still be free as before, just later, was quite astonishing. They screamed ‘Sellout’ and worse for the audacity of charging. One churlish punter asked,

‘I take that money will be going CLIC or Young Minds? No – didn’t think so, they never get a mention these days.’

The tipster, who never seems to lose their cool replied;

‘We have raised £14,000 for Clic, £13,400 for Young minds, £1200 for the NHS, sponsored a homeless man with not just money but our time too and various other smaller projects. We have links on our website too and will continue to do so’.

That’s £28,600 in donations in those figures alone, there were obviously some very generous punters out there happy to donate some of their winnings, very impressive and something that persuaded me these guys must be genuine and to follow them in. Then I noticed another figure, the account’s twitter followers, numbered 34,600. You don’t need a calculator to work out that there have been plenty that haven’t dropped any in at all.

It wouldn’t be those screaming the loudest, surely….

Simon Nott

Psst , keep it to yourselves.

Simon Nott

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