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SIMON NOTT: Towcester Greyhounds TV Trophy and Star Sports ShootOut

SIMON  NOTT reports from The Colossus Bets 2017 TV Trophy and Star Sports ShootOut at Towcester on Wednesday 29 November.

[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ou have to be hardy to stand outside taking bets on 13 races at Towcester. Hardy is exactly what you’d call ‘as seen on TV’ luminary of Star Sports Lofty at the helm.

The first three races sponsored by Colossus Bets were worth a monkey to the winner. They might well have been worth that to the books too, all three jollies were beaten. Those that backed the winner of the second race got more excitement than they bargained for when Matt Chapman fairly confidently called what the photo proved as the eventual runner-up, the victor.

A jolly and a 6/1 shot copped then the punters lumped onto trap 1 Magical Bale 5/4 into 4/5 in the 6th heat and watched it get beaten. Lofty got the jolly into the book so was primed for the Star Sports Shootout up next. You’d have thought he’d be in a benevolent mood. Wrong. A punter came in for an ante-post score on a 33/1 shot for next year’s Star Sports sponsored Greyhound Derby. I was horrified, Lofty laid him the bet but didn’t suggest he added a pound to it and have a £700 – £21, always ask for fractions!

Betting was frenetic for the ShootOut, with just three to choose from. It was Dorotas Wildcat the best-backed, 11/8 into 5/4 and once overcoming a tardy start the other two didn’t see which way he went.

The Servoca Nursing And Care British Bred Derby boasted an odds-on from even money shot King Turbo eventually going off at 4/6. Several three-figure bets changed hands but the punters were on the wrong King, it was King Elvis the 2/1 second-in that rocked up first.

Feature race of the night was the Colossus Bets 2017 TV Trophy Final worth £8,000 to the winner. Trap 6 Roxholme Magic was hammered from 1/2 into 2/5 at the off, ‘unbeatable’ the word being banded around.

Then hope for the bookmakers from an unexpected source….

A well-known face from the horseracing twitter blogging community waded in for a bet on the jolly at a bottle on. Lofty jokingly called 4/7 saying the man could stop a train. The curse of he who shall not be named struck again. The favourite ran a very disappointing race behind blinding 16/1 bookmakers dream winner Goldies Hotspur. Aye Aye there was no giving it back now. It’ll be warmer at the Greyhound Derby in June, see you there!

skintmobSimon Nott is author of Skint Mob!: Tales from the Betting Ring