SIMON NOTT: Tragic Trolls

The other morning, I got a notification that I had been followed on twitter by ‘Nick Rust’ then another that ‘The BHA’ had also chosen to afford me that honour too. I was quite chuffed, recognised by big figures and organisations at last. Even thought maybe they were going to try and headhunt me from Ben – getting all above myself.

It didn’t take long for the delusions of grandeur to vanish from whence they came. On closer investigation both accounts were parodies but made to look like the real thing, so I guess malicious in intent. Those are just a brace in many. Not just parodies either, there are also the tolling and downright nasty, weirdly these seem to especially proliferate the racing and betting sphere.

Who are these morons?

Come on, hands up, who the hell has the time or the inclination to waste their valuable lives pretending to be someone else on social media? It’s both sinister and especially sad. The mind boggles. I tell you what though, you wouldn’t want to be them, or in the same room as them. Maybe that’s why they do it, poor buggers.

On a serious note, apart from having concerns about the mental health of these characters, why do twitter allow people to open accounts under any name with no ID checks. Especially given the harm and distress a trolling/bullying account can do to their victims?

But let’s not encourage them, pity is more apt reaction. Whatever pleasure they glean from any ‘successful’ twitter ruse, it can’t be as much fun as having a life, surely.

Simon Nott

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