SIMON NOTT: Twitchers droning their sorrows

There was some extra-racing mirth at a behind closed doors meeting recently. The Racing Post’s Edward Whitaker had his attention drawn a motley looking bunch that appeared to have made a half-hearted attempt to conceal themselves on a public footpath just outside of the racecourse. Edward reached for his long lens and captured a few shots, the blurred figures to the naked eye became clearer. A few ‘faces’ were identified by those in the know as ‘in-running punters’ and spat those words as if acidic.

Quite what those in that number thought they were going to gain, on the wrong side of the racecourse, was questionable. There was no doubting that they had made an effort to be there. Some even appeared to have made the journey from a principality across a body of water to get to their leafy vantage points. The logical guess being that the trip, during lockdown, must have been deemed worth it.

I had to have a chuckle, albeit shamefully with a hint of Schadenfreude, when Edward was once again alerted to a speck in the sky. It was strongly suspected that the ‘three big blokes and a bloody great dog’ out for a walk, whiling away their time piloting a high-flying drone, were enabling other ‘in-running punters’.

Were it true, those punters had just gazumped their hedge-dwelling brethren by finding a bigger edge. The twitchers were probably blissfully unaware of the eye in the sky while wondering why with their real-time vantage had failed to ‘nick’ much at 1.01 despite tapping with blistering speed.

I say ‘nick’ because ‘basically stealing money’ was one twitter description of what in-running punters were doing. Are they though? Legality of flying drones over racecourses aside, isn’t everyone after an edge in betting? People invest in, form books, exchange interfaces, pay tipsters, watch gallops, own horses, even take bets to a margin, all to get an edge. Previous #BettingPeople interviewee Matt Mantle CLICK HERE makes a living betting in running from home because he is better than the majority anywhere, so he has an edge. It’s a fact the only people that win long-term are those that do indeed have an edge.

Come on, leave off the sour grapes, If, showing a bit of initiative, imagination and inventive derring-do is to be frowned upon in the world of gambling, it’s all lost. Fortune favours the former over the derring-don’ts in any aspect of the game.

Simon Nott

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