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SIMON NOTT: ‘What The Heck….’

The bookmaking industry is getting used to taking flak from all quarters, it generally swallows it – even though it leaves a nasty taste. Mind you, being compared negatively to a sausage manufacturer in another gambling industry battering was particularly hard to stomach, especially when the facts are digested.

Bedale FC, a team which appear to pride itself on their eye-catching kits says it has been ‘banned’ from wearing its latest ‘bangers and mash strip’ by the sport’s governing body. The FA were reported to be looking at the Bedale AFC sausage kit, which is sponsored by Heck Food, to see if it ‘conforms to rules on advertising.’

Boris visiting the Heck factory. What could possibly go wrong !

Talking to the Northern Echo Club Bedale AFC chairman and treasurer Martyn Coombs said, ‘I understand there have to be regulations about shirt advertising, and I was very surprised when the FA got involved. Heck is a food brand that promotes fitness and healthy eating compared to Championship side Derby County whose betting company 32RED shirt advertising, with Wayne Rooney being given the number 32 shirt, encourages gambling and debt, putting young people at risk. It does seem a strange juxtaposition.’

That’s a bit rich, comparing gambling to a company that sells, sausages one variety which contain 13.2g of saturated fat per 100g which is whopping when the NHS daily recommended is less than 20g per day per adult. While not talking porkies that Heck do also promote ‘healthier’ products, those bangers, or even the lower-fat product are hardly healthy, unless eaten responsibly. According to Government figures, overall, 67% of men and 62% of women were classed as overweight or obese in 2019 whereas the Gambling Commission figures suggest 0.7% of adults in the UK have a problem with gambling.

Some figures to chew over?

Simon Nott

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