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STAR BOXING PREVIEW: Gervonta Davis v Hector Luis Garcia

Boxing returns this weekend and it is controversial star Gervonta Davis who will be carrying the sport into the new year. At 28, Davis is a three-time world champion and one of the best fighters on the planet but with his latest arrest coming just last week, he is in danger of becoming another story of wasted talent in boxing.

Hailing from Baltimore, Davis has been touted for superstardom from an early age and he has shown real moments of class during his career. As a southpaw, he is skilful and intelligent and with 25 knockouts in 27 victories, he is considered one of the biggest punchers in the sport today. There is so much to like about Gervonta Davis as a boxer but with constant misdemeanours clouding his progress, he is becoming frustrating to support.

Hector Luis Garcia arrives in Washington with an undefeated record 16-0 (10KO) but facing the biggest test of his career. The Dominican is a former Olympian and has some notable wins on his record. A solid win against Chris Colbert was followed up by claiming the WBA super featherweight title against and although he is now jumping up a weight class, he deserves his place in a fight of this magnitude.

The worry for Garcia will be fighting up at lightweight. He was never considered a big fighter down at 130lb so he will be giving away physical advantages up at 135. Davis is not a huge lightweight himself, but he is physically the stronger man and will attempt to bully Garcia from the opening bell. As a well-schooled amateur, Garcia possess a solid jab and he will need to use that to perfection to deter Davis and give himself time to settle into the fight.

With his latest arrest hanging over him and a court case looming next month, it is possible that Gervonta Davis is heading into this fight unfocused which would give Hector Luis Garcia a much bigger chance of causing an upset. At (1/12) Davis is clearly expected to win this fight but simply winning is not enough when he is under this level of scrutiny, he needs to win in spectacular fashion and attract some positive headlines for once.

Due to Garciaโ€™s ability, this fight could be a close affair early on but the power of Gervonta Davis is undeniable. In recent fights, Garcia has won but he has been hit clean by lesser punchers and if he makes the same mistakes here, he will pay the ultimate price.

A lot of negativity surrounds Gervonta Davis and he has nobody to blame but himself but the undefeated Baltimore native is at home under the lights of a boxing ring and he will shine again this weekend. Early on, this fight could be close but as we enter the second half, the skill and power of โ€˜Tankโ€™ should come to the fore and he will register yet another knockout to his record between rounds 7-12 (5/4).

For many hardcore boxing fans, the main event is on the undercard. Jaron โ€˜Bootsโ€™ Ennis is the future pound-for-pound best fighter in the world. The 25-year-old American is 29-0 (25KO) and has been faultless as a professional. In truth, he was faultless as an amateur too and is one of the most naturally talented fighters the sport has seen in decades.

As a blue-chip prospect, all eyes have been on Ennis since turning professional and he has handled it seamlessly. He has all the attributes to be a world champion and with the current crop of welterweight champions coming to the end of their careers, his reign as welterweight king seems like an inevitability.

This weekend he takes on Karen Chukhadzhian, who is a solid fighter in his own right, but it looks like another routine victory. Ennis is simply too good for this level and with 27 knockouts in 29 fights, he brings power as well as skill. โ€˜Bootsโ€™ is not the type of fighter tow waste time and this weekend will be no different. Ennis to win in rounds 1-3 (21/20) is the best bet of the weekend.


BACK Gervonta Davis to win in rounds 7-12 1pt at 5/4 (Latest Star Price ? CLICK TO BET NOW)
BACK Jaron Ennis to win in rounds 1-3 2pts at 21/20 (Latest Star Price ? CLICK TO BET NOW)

PROFIT/LOSS (JAN 2023): PROFIT 2.28 points



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