STAR SPECIALS: Bumper Referendum Turnout Expected

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]tar Sports has amended its EU referendum turnout odds ahead of Barack Obama’s support for the Remain Campaign. The company are offering a mark of 64.5% overall turnout that customers can bet above or below, and make ABOVE the odds-on favourite.

Jamie Loughead, Star Sports spokesman, comments: “In my opinion referendum turnout cannot be less than 60%. Recent polling has shown the public are engaging with the debate and even the undecided voters are coming close to picking their side. At this early point in the campaign I believe a turnout of about 64-65% is likely, so we are offering our customers the chance to bet on whether it will be over or under 64.5%. Over 66% turned out for last year’s General Election, so that’s a fair yardstick to guide your bet on the referendum.”

He continued “While we have seen incredible money in the last few days betting on Brexit, the polling shows the Remain campaign to be building momentum and a higher-than-expected turnout. A high turnout itself favours the Remain campaign, so we’re happy to keep laying Brexit at 15/8 and look forward to the ‘Obama Effect’ kicking in by the weekend!”

What will the EU Referendum Turnout Be?

Over 64.5% 4/5
Under 64.5% 11/10

Referendum Result

Remain 4/9
Leave 15/8