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Bookmaker Says “The Only Way is OUT” For The County

Star Sports have made Essex the most likely county to vote to leave the EU in the UK’s forthcoming referendum- with an odds-on price of 4/7 to leave, and 5/4 to stay. Meanwhile Scottish and Northern Irish voters are strongly fancied to vote to remain in the EU.

Jamie Loughead, Star Sports spokesman, comments:

essexOverall we make the UK odds-on at 2/5 to vote to stay in the EU, but regionally the picture is very mixed. We make East Anglian counties Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex all odds-on to vote against staying in Europe. There seems to be great anti-European feeling across much of the East of England, as far north even as Grimsby and as far south as Hastings. There isn’t a North/South divide on the referendum, there’s an East/West divide.

He continued:

The large metropolitan cities all look likely to vote to stay in the EU, and those in Scotland and Northern Ireland are staunchly behind remaining in the EU.

Which Way Will UK Regions Vote In UK Referendum?

London STAY 1/8
London LEAVE 5/1

Essex STAY 5/4
Essex LEAVE 4/7

Manchester STAY 1/3
Manchester LEAVE 9/4

Liverpool STAY 2/7
Liverpool LEAVE 5/2

Birmingham STAY 2/5
Birmingham LEAVE 2/1

Suffolk STAY 11/10
Suffolk LEAVE 4/6

Norfolk STAY 6/5
Norfolk LEAVE 8/13

Northern Ireland STAY 1/10
Northern Ireland LEAVE 6/1

Scotland STAY 1/12
Scotland LEAVE 13/2

Wales STAY 1/2
Wales LEAVE 6/4

England STAY 8/15
England LEAVE 11/8

(Bet settlement based on official Government figures for EU Referendum result to be held by 2020. The boundaries of cities to be settled at the discretion of Star Sports, but based upon commonly-accepted city parliamentary constituencies. Star Sports decision is final)