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STAR SPECIALS: House prices to take a tumble?

Star Sport expects fall in UK house prices, in response to Halifax Price Index Update

Thursday 4th February 2016:

Star Sports have unleashed betting on the UK housing market which make average property prices odds-on to fall in 2016 at 8/11.

Jamie Loughead, Head of Politics at Star Sports, comments:

Despite the optimism in a number of high profile house price predictions, we see a number of factors likely to impact on values this year. Buy-to-let stamp duty, weakening overseas investor interest and a Bank of England interest rate rise will all help to drive prices down. We expect London prices to fall more quickly, as the market is so closely linked to global economic conditions – in fact, we’re so certain we’ve suspended all betting on property prices dropping in the capital!

House Prices

UK average house prices to decrease in 2016 8/11

UK average house prices to increase in 2016 11/10

UK Average House Prices in 2016

Decrease by up to 4.99% 5/4

Increase by up to 4.99% 13/8

Decrease by 5% or more 5/1

Increase by 5% or more 6/1

Settlement based on Nationwide Price Index Updates, which on 04/02/16 stated UK average house price as being £196,829. Increases/decreases calculated based on difference between £196,829 and Nationwide Price Index Update average in December 2016. Star Sports decision is final.