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STAR SPECIALS: Nicky Morgan on thin ice

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]tar Sports have unleashed betting on how long Cabinet Minister Nicky Morgan will survive as Education Secretary after a dire performance on Question Time where she struggled to handle questions on cuts to disability benefits. The Loughborough MP appeared to suggest Downing Street may U-turn on reforms, a notion Ian Duncan-Smith has since rejected.

Star Sports spokesman Jamie Loughead, comments:

“I’ve been hearing whispers in Westminster for some while that Morgan is under-pressure. She’s said to be ineffective in her role, not in the office anywhere near enough and thought to be struggling with her workload. Had she backed Brexit I think she’d have been shuffled out the cabinet already.”

He added “Her poor performance on Question Time won’t surprise many, and we suspect she’ll be shuffled out of her position after the referendum. We make her odds-on at 4/6 to no longer be Education Sec at Christmas, and 11/10 to hold onto her job until then. If dropped, Morgan could well be replaced by Priti Patel as a sweetener to Eurosceptics.”

Will Nicky Morgan Still Be Education Secretary on Christmas Day 2016?

No 4/6
Yes 11/10