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STAR SPECIALS: Odds slashed on a 2017 EU Referendum

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he odds of an EU referendum in 2017 have been cut by bespoke bookmakers Star Sports, as Prime Minster David Cameron looks to delay the vote. The odds on a 2017 EU referendum are now just 13/8, with a 2016 vote drifting to 4/9.

Star Sports Politics Trader Jamie Loughead said: “Cameron is struggling to negotiate the EU reforms he claimed he’d get, so it looks like he’s going to delay the vote until 2017. He won’t have any more concessions from the EU then, but I suspect he wants to give the public another year to forget his original promises!”

corbyn2Mr Loughead added “Most of these big beasts have nailed their colours to the mast, but Corbyn is interesting. He’s flip-flopped once, but how much longer can he pretend he’s pro-EU, he’s wanted the UK to exit his entire career?! Odds of 13/8 that Corbyn decides to support the Leave Campaign could be a bit generous.”

He continued “we initially had Boris Johnson at 10/11 to join the Stay Campaign, but following relentless interest and a tweet from UKIP’s Suzanne Evans we’ve cut Boris to 1/2 to back the Stay Campaign.”

Referendum On EU Membership Result

Stay 2/5

Leave 7/4

Year Of UK Referendum On EU Membership

2016 4/9

2017 13/8

2018 33/1

2019 100/1

2020 250/1

Which Side Of The Referendum Debate Will The Big Beasts Support?

David Cameron STAY 1/6

David Cameron LEAVE 3/1

George Osborne STAY 1/12

George Osborne LEAVE 6/1

Boris Johnson STAY 1/2

Boris Johnson LEAVE 6/4

Jeremy Corbyn STAY 4/9

Jeremy Corbyn LEAVE 13/8

Tony Blair STAY 1/20

Tony Blair LEAVE 8/1

Gordon Brown STAY 1/16

Gordon Brown LEAVE 7/1

Ian Duncan Smith STAY 5/1

Ian Duncan Smith LEAVE 1/8

Ken Clarke STAY 1/20

Ken Clarke LEAVE 8/1

Neil Kinnock STAY 1/8

Neil Kinnock LEAVE 5/1

Caroline Lucas STAY 1/6

Caroline Lucas LEAVE 3/1

Nicola Sturgeon STAY 1/10

Nicola Sturgeon LEAVE 11/2

(Settlement based on confirmation from their personal secretaries exactly one month before the confirmed EU referendum date. Should the selection have no clear position on the referendum, bets will be made void. Star Sports’ decision is final)