STAR SPECIALS: Turkey Odds On for EU

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]tar Sports have revealed betting that makes Turkey ODDS-ON to join the EU in the next five years, and TTIP to be ratified despite developments this week.

Jamie Loughead, Star Sports spokesman, comments: “David Cameron advises voters not to base their referendum decision on the basis of Turkey joining the EU because it won’t happen “for decades”. I believe it’s strong odds-on at 2/5 that Turkey is an EU member in the next 5 years. We also believe despite the TTIP will be ratified by EU member states, despite the very conveniently-timed setbacks.”

He added “Cameron seems desperate to hang on in Number 10 until he’s been able to get Turkey’s accessation and TTIP through- the only question is whether he can survive that long.”

Will Turkey be an EU Member State on 1st June 2021?

Yes 2/5
No 2/1

Will TTIP be ratified by 1st June 2021?

Yes 1/3
No 9/4