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STAR SPECIALS: Turned Off or Turned Out?

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]tar Sports has revealed betting on turnout in local elections, London mayoral election and EU referendum.

Jamie Loughead, Star Sports spokesman, comments: “Local election turnouts in non-General Election years are always poor, but never has a local election been so low profile. The public have been bombarded with referendum coverage for three months, leaving the local elections cast in its shadow. We expect local election turnout to be about 32%, and a bumper 64% turnout in the EU referendum- the public are passionate about that debate.”

He added “Local election turnout in Liverpool Central could be an interesting one to watch out for. Traditionally it has the lowest turnout in the country and this year the percentage turnout could even be in single figures- due to a massive European semi-final at Anfield distracting locals from getting to the ballot box.”

What will the Local Elections Turnout Be?

32.5% or over 10/11
Less than 32.5% 10/11

What will the EU Referendum Turnout Be?

64.5% or over 10/11
Less than 64.5% 10/11

What will the London mayoral election turnout be?

40.0% or over 10/11
Less than 40.0% 10/11

Source: Electoral Commission official figures. “Local Elections” refers to turnout across the UK. Star Sports decision is final.