STAR SPECIALS: Weighed ‘IN’, Weighed ‘IN’

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]tar Sports has paid ‘Remain’ bets in the EU referendum out as a winner, before the TV debates have even begun. The company was laying bets on a ‘Remain’ victory at an odds-on price of 1/7.

Jamie Loughead, Star Sports spokesman, comments: “The Leave campaign is the dog that’s never barked, and we don’t expect the TV debates to change anything. The Remain campaign have scared voters to death with their fear-mongering about the economy, and the response from Brexiters has been confused, erratic and occasionally desperate. Leave have lacked leadership, and particularly a strong female voice to talk about more than just immigration. The debate has been dominated by the Oxbridge elite on both sides, and I’m not sure if the public are listening anymore.”

He added “There doesn’t seem much point in making our customers wait any longer for their money, we’d rather they had the cash in their pockets and reinvested on competitive markets- like Euro 2016. We’re still offering our clients the chance to bet on the size of the referendum turnout, which we now estimate to be about 63.5%.”

What will the EU Referendum Turnout Be?

63.5% or over 10/11
Less than 63.5% 10/11