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STAR SPECIALS: Which of the two EU referendum campaigns will be fined first?

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]tar Sports unveil betting on which of the two EU referendum campaigns will be fined first- for breaking EU Commission rules– and make the Remain Campaign odds-on at 4/7 to be the guilty party. The firm make the Leave Campaign less likely to bend the rules at 11/8.

The bookmaker also has odds on which of the two Brexit movements will be official exit campaign, with Vote Leave the odds-on favourite at 1/5, over Farage’s Grassroots Out campaign at 7/2. The decision is expected to be announced on Thursday 14th April.

Jamie Loughead, Star Sports spokesman, comments: “The government didn’t break any rules when it spent over £9m of taxpayers’ money on sending out leaflets campaigning to remain, but it was certainly pushing the boundaries of fair play. We’ve spoken to the Electoral Commission who tell us the maximum sanction for breaking referendum rules is £20000. With such a big decision at stake, and such a tiny fine as a punishment- we wouldn’t be surprised to see the Remain Campaign push their luck.”

“We’re convinced that Douglas Carswell’s Vote Leave Brexit campaign will be the movement endorsed by the Electoral Commission, and make it odds-on at 1/5 to win. Farage’s GO campaign is certainly well funded and has an army of UKIP members backing it, but appears to lack the cross-party support that Vote Leave has. Vote Leave is likely to get the nod for being seen as the more credible Brexit movement. Heaven knows how Nigel will take that!”

Which Will Be The First Referendum Campaign To Be Fined By The Electoral Commission?

Remain Campaign 4/7
Leave Campaign 11/8

(Should neither campaign receive a financial sanction from the Electoral Commission by the 1st July 2016 all stakes will be refunded. Star Sports decision final)

Which will be the official Brexit campaign endorsed by the Electoral Commission?

Vote Leave WINNER
Grassroots Out (GO)