THE LOFTY VIEW with Martin Chapman

Welcome to the second edition of THE LOFTY VIEW, where our resident greyhound expert MARTIN CHAPMAN, otherwise known as ‘Lofty’, takes a lighthearted deep dive into the wonderful world of greyhound racing.

🐶 Super Saturday didn’t let us down last weekend with top class racing across four venues and record numbers of bets taken across the meetings, with Towcester proving the most popular for its afternoon Blue Riband meeting, whilst nestled in among the usual Saturday horse racing, still found lots of interest.

Towcester TV coverage was again very good, love the head on angles like they used to use at the previous incarnation, though when trying to decipher a very close finish, went to the head on angle!

🐶 Great to see Gary Wiltshire back on our screens too, always good for a story is Big Gal hopefully when betting on the track returns he can find his rightful place back in the betting ring . Though being ribbed for wearing a scarf up in the commentary booth by fellow presenters Dave Clark and Jonathan Hobbs was a tad unfair, speaking from experience being up there it’s just as cold and a long hike for a big fella as the lift only goes so far!

🐶 Shelbourne gave us Saturday evening action and Star bet numbers were on a line with Monmore, there’s a definite appetite for the top class Saturday night action from Dublin when broadcast on Rpgtv, despite some Shelbourne regulars (when it’s open of course) telling me there’s probably 30 better Saturday nights in terms of quality of racing.

🐶 My old mate Ian Fortune makes for very knowledgeable viewing of course, although had to quickly correct himself when reviewing one of the feature contests by calling the winner ‘A real fighter’ before Ricky Holloway had the chance to pick up the phone and make an offer to bring it here over hurdles!

🐶 Some exciting news for greyhound enthusiasts we hope to have very soon on the Star website, I won’t channel my inner Floyd Amphlett and say it’s been embargoed until 6pm, but hopefully should make the betting experience a little more interesting anyway!

Watch this space as they say !!

🐶 Finally it’s Gbgb awards time this weekend, Star sponsoring the ‘Top Bitch’ category, first time we’ve been involved in sponsoring the night , which of course this year is virtual.

One can only thank my lucky stars for that to save donning the Black Tie as when attending the awards in person a few years ago, memories of watching a YouTube video while trying to tie said bow tie in the mirror will live long, so much for me going for the James Bond look when you can just casually drape it over the shoulders come the end of the evening. Try that with a pre tied one!

Though really I should have just taken the lead of Towcester racing manager Andy Lismore who simply wore a black suit and ordinary black tie! So much easier, even if not quite reading the rules properly!

Be Lucky