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ben_keith_team-150x150[dropcap]B[/dropcap]log, in an effort to continue my disfunctional life, and also entertain my deluded mind, I have been looking ahead and considering my future options and ambitions.

My main target has always been to have a big house in the country, with a moat (accompanied by a working up-and-down electronically operated bridge, of course)…but, Blog, I can now add to that, with the ultimate toy for any true-mega, and offense for any oncoming leftie…a working tank, parked in the front drive, pointing towards the other side of the moat.

So, is this realistic?

Yes!! is the answer, Blog.  They’ve got loads of tanks for sale, they are working, and you can drive them!!

Imagine the pleasure of having a barbecue, inviting Gaul Wood, David Hadrell, and AM, and them having to; firstly, wait for the bridge to be lowered to cross over to the Lord of the Manor’s property, and then be greeted by a tank pointing at them.  The horror in their eyes!  Unbelievable scenes, Jeff!!

Pam, this a job for you to REALLY look forward to!

In other news:

A big thank you, to my great friend; Mr Max Shoes.  Max truly loves shoes and most Sunday’s comes down to London, all the way from Leicester, to have a walk around Selfridges looking at the shoes; which he considers to be the best in the country.  A real shoe-man.  I not only have the honour of being a friend of his but also one of his best clients.  When Max is out and about, he will sometimes say to suppliers ‘and those are going to Brighton’ – and he never misses the target.  What he also does though, is take your shoes back when they’re a bit tired, and he re-does the leather and soles, bringing them back a couple of months later, looking, and feeling, better than ever.  This Sunday, Max not only brought me back three pairs of his special babies but also a chocolate cake, with runny cream, from his beloved Selfridges.  Max, YOU are a true gent.  Thank you very much for everything.

Over and out, Ben x