SIMON NOTT: Glorious Goodwood Day Four

SIMON NOTT: Reports from the Star Sports pitches at Glorious Goodwood on day four. It was a better day for punters on Thursday. Would it be Moore of the same on Friday?

Glorious Goodwood Day 4

Finally ‘Glorious’ Goodwood lived up to its name as the sun shone. Sadly the damage had already been done as far as 20 plus non-runners were concerned but the day’s racing still look fiercely competitive despite depleted fields.



The opening Betfred Glorious Stakes was a busy betting heat but you don’t have to be Mystic Meg to guess that 7-4f Poet’s Word winning wasn’t a great start. Ben shouted over to me ‘Normal service at Glorious Goodwood’ but luckily none of our big hitters got involved on course or in the office so despite being a bad loser it could have been so much worse. Always look for the positive in this game!

Ben was straight up for the Bonhams Thoroughbred Stakes and we bet ‘Tootie Fruitie’ 2/1 Beat The Bank in early skirmishes but was soon smashed into 7/4 and duly obliged. Another terrible result. Again always looking on the positive I met up with the amazing young fund-raider ‘Jockey’ Jack Lander and his dad. What an inspiration he is.



Ben wore his goldfish shirt, it wasn’t proving lucky so far with shooting bookie fish in a barrel coming to mind the way the first two jollies won. Still with the Betfred Mile much more competitive we were looking for another of those early week results to come to the rescue and put us back into the driving seat.

The race came alive with punters queuing to get on keep Dave and Ben very busy.

Ryan Moore on Master The World winning at 6/1 and completing a treble for the rider was another bad result but the ring was now bracing itself for a deluge of money for his next mount Washington DC.

With Ryan’s mounts well-touted in the morning there was a distinct possibility that hedging money would flood into the course from the high street to try and shorten up this next one.

Anticipating the move, Ben smashed into the jolly Profitable to the point we had him for over £10,000 but still no off-course money though Moore’s horse was shortening on the machine. Michelle was warning that our 6/1 was now bigger than said exchanges, determined to get it in the book the price stayed there. The appearance of a chap with a phone stuck to his ear calling bets into the rail alerted us that the expected trade money had arrived. By the off the weight of money had forced Washington DC into 4/1 but could only manage fifth behind 9/2 winner Battaash. What normally would have probably been a taker in the book was an excellent winner and we were back in the game. Ryan Moore riderless in the next meant a bit of a lull after a tremendous buzz.

That lull meant the take for the Betfred Mobile Nursery Handicap Stakes was a fraction of the previous race.

But we still managed to field enough to have joint jolly Rufus King a four-figure loser at the off which meant that 11/2 winner Red Roman was another decent green figure in the computer so happy days on the joint.

Ryan Moore was riding Asking in the L’Ormarins Queen Plate Oak Tree Stakes but at around 9/1 the anticipation wasn’t there around the filly. Money was steady again and Ben decided to try and go down the book with jolly Al Jazi and down the book he went.

Ouch that hurt, Al Jazi first, the rest nowhere. We got brought down to Earth after getting the bit between our teeth. Talk about in-running betting being snakes and ladders, our on-course business is the same.

Still it’s a marathon not a sprint, though the lucky last was neither the Betfred Supports Jack Berry Handicap Stakes was run over 1m 3f.

It may be a marathon but we are now lagging well behind. Walton Street was our absolute bogey despite not being the favourite which was runner up and a four-figure winner. A nasty end to the day. We need a winning Saturday badly. Feeling sorry for us? No I didn’t think so.

skintmobSimon Nott is author of Skint Mob!: Tales from the Betting Ring