BETTING ODDITIES: Nice Little Earner …..


Funny old game racing at times. Whinging, whining and moaning about depressing levels of prize money and then when a new sponsor does come along they appear to be welcomed with a dollop of snootiness and snobbishness.

It’s the Cazoo Derby – get used to it. The company that stepped forward to replace Investec who ended their association early and to the best of my knowledge companies weren’t queuing around the block for the ‘honour’ to replace them.

Cazoo, an online car retailer, also have (presumably much bigger) commercial arrangements with Everton, Aston Villa, the English Football League, Rugby League World Cup and several snooker tournaments.

In short, if they are not made to feel welcome on the turf, there are plenty of other sports that will gladly welcome their sponsorship.

Just be careful they don’t do a nice little runner…… just like, er, their cars, presumably.


I can’t add much more to the Super League debacle, except that I now think it’s long odds on NOT to happen.

The capricious muppets behind this have so badly misjudged the game it is scarcely believable.

I can’t imagine anything more anodyne than a cartel league where everyone plays everyone ad infinitum without risk of relegation or facing new opposition. In short, who would even give a damn who won it?

The fear of relegation is a huge part of the excitement of the season. I know that as a Darlington fan. GULP.

Can the consortium just bog off and play their Top Trumps game on super yachts at Monte Carlo or whatever else floats their boats ….


Might just be grumpy me or are racecourse commentators now raising the decibel levels with unnecessary shouting? Maybe it’s trying to compensate in some way for the lack of crowds?

Listening to some of the weekend races on the Racing TV loop today it was unbearable. At acting school they teach you to use your voice to convey excitement without the need to resort to shouting. Is there any other sport in the world where the commentators shout to the same extent?

In the words of the Esure advert ….. “calm down dear”.

This is a betting without Roaring Bull blog, obviously, as THAT was amazing 😉


Interesting to read Simon Rowlands (@RowleyfileRRR) tweet about new camera angles in Ireland and how they can give a different and often improved perspective on courses.

Two tracks where the cameras don’t do justice in my opinion. Dundalk – the mountainous backdrop is spectacular when you go to the course and Brighton. On a summers day the coastal backdrop really makes it look very special. Del Mar have copyright claims on ‘Where The Turf Meets The Surf’ but Brighton need their own similar slogan.

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Sea view at Brighton


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