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Interview: PATRICK MULCAHY Patrick Mulcahy is a 25 year old bookmaker’s assistant for Seamus and Ray Mulvaney. Patrick talks about how he got into the racing game and how his family bred Ted Veale and how it felt when he won at the Cheltenham Festival. Patrick is a hard working young man with a degree in business studies and loves working on the race tracks, especially point to point meetings. Patrick also talks about the future of the game and how young people can get into it. Meeting Patrick Mulcahy

PATRICK MULCAHY (part 1 of 2)

Patrick talks about how he loves to add vibrancy to the betting ring and how he learned his trade. He has been working for Seamus and Ray Mulvaney for over ten years now and tells us that he hopes he will still be in the industry in years to come. He talks about how the recession damaged the game but that he sees it building back up again and how people are starting to enjoy life again. Patrick touches on how amazing it felt to see Ted Veale win at Cheltenham during the Festival, a horse him and his family bred. Patrick loves hard work, is very good with numbers and adores working at point to point meetings.

PATRICK MULCAHY (part 2 of 2)

In part two, Patrick tells us about his love for GAA, football and hurling and how he can’t see Cork winning an All Ireland anytime soon!! He speaks about broadcasting and how he got into his local radio show CRY in Youghal and how difficult is it to get into that industry. Patricks also tells us about the Liam Miller tribute match and how cancer can have such a damaging effect. Patrick tells us how he loves to lead a hectic, fast paced life and only takes two weeks out of the year for a holiday. Patrick is a very dedicated young man with a great love and passion for life, family and friends.

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