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#BettingPeople: PAUL LAWRENCE

Interview: PAUL LAWRENCE: Paul Lawrence has seen the sport of greyhound racing from many angles; kennel hand, racing manager, commentator/broadcaster and owner. All these roles have shaped the way that Paul has gambled on the sport for a living for the last twenty years. This three part interview gives us an insight into the life of a pro-gambler; the good and the bad, overcoming challenges, changing tack when needed and trying to find an edge. Interview with JULIE COLLIER.

PAUL LAWRENCE (part 1 of 3)

It was a man called Graham Blomfield that encouraged Paul to turn his recreational gambling into his profession, back in the day at Romford, where there was an array of punters with great knowledge and experience. By that point, Paul already had the bug for the sport, courtesy of an encouraging college tutor. He ended up working in a couple of racing offices, learning the form and mechanics of greyhound racing from the ‘other’ side and gaining experience that has been invaluable to his punting.

PAUL LAWRENCE (part 2 of 3)

Around the time Paul started professional punting, he met his partner Lorraine. A former trainer herself and with the same passion for greyhound racing, she has been not just supportive but at times, instrumental in helping Paul with his punting and the inevitable lows it can bring. Together, they also enjoyed phenomenal times on the track, not least in 2007 with superstar dog Spiridon Louis. Around the same time, Paul had to overcome problems he was facing in getting bets on at Romford and also started his commentating career. Here he explains why every day, is still a school day.

PAUL LAWRENCE (part 3 of 3)

The commitment it takes to be a professional gambler is huge. In part three, we discuss what a regular day might look like, overcoming challenges that were brought on by Covid and how Paul tries to find his own unique edge. He tells us about the fine balance between price versus probability and what it takes to be a successful professional gambler. Paul is delighted the Derby is in the hands of Ben Keith and Star Sports and also excited by recent announcements around betting on the tote.


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