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Interview: TANYA STEVENSON Tanya is probably best known for her work with Channel 4 Racing alongside John McCririck in the Betting Ring. It was fitting she should work there as the betting jungle was home from a very early age. In this three part interview Tanya talks about her early life as a bookie, working with Channel 4, her love of greyhound racing, cricket, golf and NFL, that’s all punting as well as watching. She talks about her busy life since C4 the Horserace Bettors Forum, RPGTV, the Horserace Sponsors Association and serving coffee while biting her tongue! Meeting Tanya Stevenson.

TANYA STEVENSON (part 1 of 3)

Tanya Stevenson talks about her youth working in dog track betting rings, being able to price up a race aged 12, putting in the hard work watching videos of races, the colourful characters she worked with. She also talks about her love of cricket and golf, betting on it as well as watching. She finishes part 1 of 3 talking about breaking into media work and ultimately Channel 4 Racing.

TANYA STEVENSON (part 2 of 3)

In part 2 Tanya talks about her first on-screen appearance with Channel 4, clerking at Aintree, having no ambition to be on TV, she remembers John McCririck very fondly and recalls some stories that will put a smile on your face. She talks about Big Mac being let go by Channel 4 and how she didn’t really enjoy her last four years. She also has fond memories of Dog tracks she ‘helped close’ and tells us that TV viewers never saw the ‘real Tanya’.

TANYA STEVENSON (part 3 of 3)

In part three Tanya talks about punting, her love of golf, cricket and NFL, being refused golf bets on 100/1 shots, how Betfair was a Godsend so she could lay ‘chokers’ in-running, the Horserace Bettors Forum and self-interest, how a meeting in Parliament opened her eyes and warned her of the danger racing faces because of cross party negativity towards betting, how she enjoys working for Racing Post Greyhound TV and why her motto is ‘Never Say If Only’.


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