GLORIOUS GOODWOOD WEDNESDAY: SIMON NOTT reports from the Star Sports pitch in the betting ring at Glorious Goodwood on Wednesday. Two known big punters were circling early but a new face made the firm jump, one horse books the order of the day, It wasn’t raining, in fact in the betting ring sometimes things can get too darn hot.

The day started in a very civilised manner with an invite to the Fitzdares Bookmakers rooftop party. Had I not been working I wouldn’t have budged. However, there was business to attend to on the rails and the team were hoping to kick on from yesterday’s winning day.

Two big-hitting commission agents were spotted lurking prior to the first. They have been getting involved to any great extent at this meeting in the past, so things could possibly get lumpy.

1:50 Unibet Goodwood Handicap

The opening race bode well for the rest of the day, there was plenty of business off the floor. The punters were keen on Timoshenko despite its price continuing to drift, they would not be denied – still having it on from 6/1 out to 9/1. Flynn was happy to chase it out in the right and proper manner. Sadly they do sometimes win, the firm lost on both pitches in a race that should have been a good winning one.

2:25 Unibet Handicap

Things levelled themselves out a bit in the next. A punter came in for £6000 – £1000 Desert Icon off the floor. That made the book very lopsided given the lack of bets of any volume for anything else. Sir Ron Priestley has been backed from 8/1 into 6/1 on course but they left us out. The firm were back on the winning trail.

3:00 Markel Insurance Molecomb Stakes (Group 3)

Next up, a short one, to try and get beaten. Liberty Beach had been 7/4 in the morning then opened 6/4 on course. There wasn’t any big money for the favourite but simple weight of it forced the bookies to wave the white flag and go 11/8. Late on a punter came in for a £10,000 to £400 on Aussie Showstopper which made it by far the worst in the book. It was terrible to see the latter break down during the race. A heat best forgotten.

3:35 Qatar Sussex Stakes (Group 1)

Next up Too Darn Hot in the race of the day. No sooner did Flynn price up 11/10, a punter came in for £20,000 at the price. He was accommodated and the price cut to evens.

It’s a weird old game racing, given that most people, even on TV, wouldn’t be noticed in the street outside of the game. It makes me wonder why when you have to deal with people in a professional capacity their propensity for arrogance can be jaw-dropping. At least you don’t have to converse in real life.

Too Darn Hot winning was a very nasty result. Getting out on the day was going to take some doing. There was nothing for it to get stuck in to the next.

4:10 Alice Keppel EBF Fillies’ Conditions Stakes

The trouble was the punters appeared to have peaked. ‘Very quiet’ reported Lofty, in fairness everyone on the joint was very quiet, losing £22,000 in one bet tends to do that to a team. The wind was really out of the sails.

3/1 Mrs Bouquet won the race and the firm added a further £300 to the losing total. Lucky Michelle arrived with some strawberries and cream so all was well, ish.

4:45 British EBF Premier Fillies’ Handicap

No sooner had one been nibbled when the big punter came back in and had a £14,000 – £4000 Nearooz in the next.

A punter came in for a £2000 – £500 Moll Davis but apart from that there was no betting up to the lump, which wasn’t exactly a surprise. It was basically the firm verses the punter. Lofty was quite calm about it all munching his strawberries.

Lofty knew! Mannaal and Megan Nicholls won the race and got us some back.

The Pure Bred Arabian race slotted into the card was worth an astonishing £400,000 to the winner. Great for those involved but the punters weren’t really interested. Lofty ran the book for the race and really enjoyed himself, topping Betfair on the rags and having a lean-up the jolly.

At the off we had the front three in the betting winning, with about a monkey in the bag. Lofty knew! Ebraz the second-in won the race, Lofty gave it a triumphant ‘Aye Aye’ and declared ‘That’s paid for tonight’s Thai’, I’m just hoping he meant food.

5:55 New & Lingwood Handicap

Lofty might have been pleased with himself but the inclusion of the Arab race into the card itself didn’t do the ring any favours. It seemed like plenty of punters had left early. Not all though, the big punter came in late for £16,000 – £1000 each-way Salute The Soldier, drawn low too, a big advantage over 7f here.

Talk about a close run thing, Salute The Soldier gave us an almighty scare – still in front as they went passed us. It still cost plenty in the place market but could have been a disaster. After two days the firm are deep in it, it’s not over yet though, we’ll be back tomorrow ready to get some back.

Simon Nott

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