Day five of Glorious Goodwood. Over the last three years working on course for Star Sports the firm has been doing its cobblers by now. The lack of the huge bets you get a Cheltenham and Royal Ascot a blessing otherwise I dread to think how much the meeting would cost them. Saturday, a day where there was no possible chance of ‘getting out’ and a getting on four hour drive home to look forward to was rarely relished. Fast forward to weird but certainly not wonderful 2020 and the firm have enjoyed winning all four days. They’ve even copped on jollies that could have be catastrophic. So here we go into day five hoping for a full house and the sort of day that ensures Goodwood is never again thought of in the negative, Badwood indeed.

1:50 – Unibet Stewards’ Sprint Handicap (Class 2) (3YO plus) 6f

Inlike Flynn was quick off the mark today, probably in eager anticipation of another cracking day, sending the bets in before they set off. He said Rewaayat was well-backed, wagers included £1500 – £500 each-way, £1500 – £500, £3333 – £1000, £1000 – £300. Music Society, Call Me Ginger & The Lamplighter were the only other losers, he added with a flourish, ‘There was a good spread of business for the opener on ‘Super Stewards’ Cup Saturday’. Best news of all was that the 7/1 winner Treacherous wasn’t in that loser number, on the downside, he was the smallest winner in the book. In its place given the price so no complaints. Inlike came back on to let us know that once again Ed in the office was parping his own bugle having backed the winner, did anyone hear him making a case for it before racing? No me neither.

2:25 – Unibet Summer Handicap (Class 2) (3YO plus) 1m 6f

Next up, bets were relatively modest, and mostly for Kings Advice, bets struck in the bigger side were £1100 – £200 each-way, £10,500 – £1500 and £750 – £100 x2 which made him the only loser in the race. The 9/4 jolly Laafy was dead level in the book with the rest winning. Happily, that included first past the post 15/2 chance Hochfeld. Two winning races going into the last day, a winning Glorious Goodwood was looking a reality. I held up this paragraph waiting for more trumpet blowing from the clever dicks in the office, but nothing, I wish they’d ring a bell or bang a drum when they’d done their money too, much more fun.

3:00 – Qatar Lillie Langtry Stakes (Fillies’ Group 2) (Class 1) (3YO plus) 1m 6f

The next race was all about Embihaar, bets included: £2500 – £5000, £500 – £1000, £1000 – £2000, £750- £1500, £700 – £1400, £1000 – £2000 and one regular punter snuck a bit of value bagging an even bottle last night … £200 – £200.

It would have been nice to report the old ‘turn-up for the books’ not least because Matt Chapman has been so bullish. It was not to be, sadly the result never looked in much doubt, the filly bolted up.

3:35 – Unibet Stewards’ Cup (Heritage Handicap) (Class 2) (3YO plus) 6f

The punters decided that ‘it had turned’ and piled into Naharr the relatively short priced favourite for this 27-runner beast of a race. ‘Inlike’ and the guys and gals in the office were happy to fill the hod. Bets that dropped into it with a thud included £3000 – £1000 each-way, £1500- £500 each-way, £3000 – £1000, £2100- £600, £600 – £150, £700 – £200 and £1000 – £300. Had ‘Inlike’ Flynn been in his usual position on the stool at the helm of the Star Sports on-course operation he’d have been no-doubt giving the punters the rub-down, in the right and proper manner of course. As he’s been deprived that pleasure this year, I’ll convey his words to all those customers that did their dough. ‘The jolly was the only loser in the book, I love to see the shorty being the only loser in the book in these big runner handicaps’. He then twisted the knife with ‘It was by far the busiest race of the day with 22/1 winner Summerghand nearly our best winner in the book’. Or roughly translated ‘Aye Aye punters, we got all your money!’

4:10 – Qatar Handicap (Class 2) (3YO only) 7f

The firm might have been doing well but there were a trio of punters looking at copping an £100,000 for an outlay of nothing care of the ITV7 in the race before the penultimate. One of them was on the winner, the 5/4 favourite Society Lion. The punters calling the office were on it too, in their droves, bets landed, £12000 – £10,000, £2500 -£2000, £1200 -£1000 three times and £2600 -£1600 laid in the morning, that in addition to £3300 – £500 each-way on the runner-up Mister Snowden. ‘Inlike’ was a bit meeker in the post-race correspondence, simply muttering, ‘Certainly not the best result there’. Congratulations to the ITV7 punter, that’s a great day on the turf by anyone’s standards.

4:40 – British European Breeders Fund Maiden Stakes (Plus 10) (Class 2) (2YO only) 7f

The book was a little unlucky in this heat to be honest, they laid and got beaten a bet of £20,000 – £10,000 Golden Flame, ‘Inlike’ told me that ‘The jolly is a bad loser but field wins plenty’ with the caveat. ‘apart from Titan Rock, who’s only a small winner’. Titan Rock winning at 9/1 beating 66/1 chance Raging Rascal half a length should have been a better result, but that’s the way it came in. Still, the firm can’t complain, they’d won over favourites during the week. You should know though, that bookies rarely ‘Get their whack’, whatever they win!

5:10 – LG Signature Apprentice Handicap (Class 3) (3YO plus) 1m 1f

The lucky last after a long week boasted 9/2 joint favourites in Muraad and Overwrite. It ended badly with the former finding turbo gear to steal an unlikely looking victory over the latter. That meant that punters had the last laugh landing bets of £5000 – £1000 each-way and £2750 – £500. It was Goodwood showing its claws to remind bookmakers that it’s still Badwood when it wants to be, maybe biding its time for next year when the betting ring will be buzzing with bookmakers and cash waving punters. ‘Inlike’ Flynn’s summing up was surely temptinng fate? ‘A busy & more importantly, winning week at Goodwood. Could Badwood be a thing if the past we ask?’ Dave Jolly, head of trading, was rather more cautious about nudging the Gambling Gods and has the final word from the trading room. ‘I’ve nothing to add In all honesty. As a layer I’ve never won at Goodwood – so this week really was different’.

That’s it for Glorious Goodwood 2020. Thanks for reading this week.

Simon Nott

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