The firm ended the day in front yesterday, you really have to call that getting away with it. The results looked like a losing first day. For whatever reason, the big punters backed the wrong horses. A winning Wednesday to top it up before the frenetic three final days would be very handy.

1:10 – British Stallion Studs EBF Fillies’ Handicap (Class 2) (3YO plus) 1m 2f

The first heat of the day was the perfect start for the book, Chamade winning at 22/1 with 13/8 jolly Waliyak back in second. Bets on the runner-up were relatively modest but included £500 – £400, £750 – £600, £2750 – £2000, £625 – £500. One punter did bet £5500 – £250 each-way the winner, Head of On-Course ‘Inlike’ Flynn polished his trumpet and announced that certain members of staff were also on the winner. After the race of course, nobody likes an after timer do they? No they don’t is the answer to that question.

1:45 – Unibet You’re On Goodwood Handicap (Class 2) (3YO plus) 2m 4½f

Next up and another terrific result. Legendary on-course premature celebrator ‘Armaloft’ Alex text me directly after Just Hubert’s 25/1 victory ‘The man upstairs obviously knows there are no books standing at Goodwood with these results!’ I personally like to think that gambling deities like to have a bit of fun but ultimately favour the layers, but he had a point.

Those on-course bookies sat at home must have been feeling gutted today, still, they can console themselves that Wednesday was never that great for business. ‘Inlike’ sent through the bets, those that the firm kept were £20,000 -£10,000 each-way Blue Laureate and some three figure each-way punts on True Destiny. The was a bet of £1650 – £75 each-way struck the winner so not quite a skinner but I’m sure nobody will need an abacus to work out it was another good cop in the book.

2:15 – Unibet 3 Boosts A Day Handicap (Class 2) (3YO only) 1m 4f

The next heat was a very quiet event as far as big bets go, those taken in the office wouldn’t have troubled the SP reporters in the old days. For interest sake, they were all on Sarvan and included £2125 – £250 £1500 -£150 , £1600 – £200 and £2500 – £250 all each-way. Glenties and Carlos Felix were the only other losers but after all that 9/1 winner Mambo Nights was a taker in the book. Had we been on course Lofty would have said to nobody in particular ‘We didn’t get our whack’.

2:45 – Markel Insurance Molecomb Stakes (Group 3) (Class 1) (2YO only) 5f

It appeared that the punters had been keeping their powder dry in the last. They came out swinging in this heat, bets included £25,000 – £1000 each-way Wings Of A Dove then £3000 -£1500, £3250 – £1000, £600 -£300, £400 – £200 and £937 – £250 all on the winner, 2/1 favourite Steel Bull. The winning bets added up to a nice few quid but still pale into insignificance compared to some of the Royal Ascot and Cheltenham business. You settle for that when they go in of course. Lofty would have been too busy paying out and muttering under his breath to have said much after this race.

3:15 – Qatar Sussex Stakes (Group 1) (Class 1) (3YO plus) 1m

Big race of the day, if not the week, if not the season. We had three against us but fortunately the 3/1 winner Mohaather wasn’t one of them despite bets £2500 – £1000, £2250- £1000, £900 – £400 x3, £1375 – £500 and £550 – £200.

3:45 – British Stallion Studs Alice Keppel EBF Fillies’ Conditions Stakes (Plus 10/GBB Race) (Class 2) (2YO only) 5f

The big loser in the penultimate was the 11/10 favourite Spright, bets included £2750 – £2500, £13,750- £10,000, £550 -£400, £12,500 – £10,00 and £3500 -£2000. All those wagers stayed in the Star Sports’ hod, the jolly disappointed backers finishing a poor third behind 7/2 winner Miss Jingles. ‘Inlike’ Flynn reporting from the trading room told me that the winner was second worst in the book, but still a very good cop in the book. If on course we’d probably have been looking for elastic bands to keep all the readies tidy. Aye Aye.

4:20 – Theo Fennell Handicap (Class 3) (3YO plus) 7f

A tipster mate of mine used to have a phrase he wheeled out when he’d overindulged the night before, too hungover to face sifting through a form book in the quest for winners. It was ‘Very little of interest’. That phrase could have summed up this race, big bets were meagre, the biggest on the winner Toro Strike was £1000 which helped make it a loser in the book for about £1500. That was a right old get-out as it had been the best-backed horse of the race in the morning. The firm were riding their luck, two winning days from two at Goodwood, bring on Ladies Day.

Simon Nott

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